Last week, I had a bad idea. Not, like, the bad kind of bad. More like … the ill-advised kind of bad. I decided to make a video.

You know how they say that some people have a face made for radio? Well, I have a voice made for print media. Also, I get really twitchy on camera. You guys, it’s not pretty. Not even a little bit. But I thought doing a video of the draw for the DVF dress would be something novel and possibly fun. Now that the video’s done … let’s just say that I’m reconsidering the merits of novelty, as well as my definition of fun. But if I had to go through the mortification of making the damn thing, y’all are going to have to experience the dubious pleasure of watching it … if you want to find out who’s joining the sisterhood of the magical wrap dress, that is.

[Please hold all applause laughter until the end.]

OK, I promise not to subject you guys to something like that ever again. Virtual pinkie swear.

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