My name is Adina J, and I’m a 30-something professional, wife and mother of two. I live in a place you’ve probably never heard of, where for 6 months of the year the temperature dips to levels you probably didn’t think possible outside of a deep freezer. Needless to say, I’m kind of a homebody.

I’m not a smarty-pants, but I have lots of opinions. Pop culture, history, books, psychology – if it falls under that most awe-inspiring and mundane of categories, “life”, chances are I’m interested. I can’t vouch for the cat, but intellectual curiosity never did anyone else I know any harm.

I’m also not a fashion insider, but I love clothes. And shoes. And bags. And pretty much everything else that goes into creating that mysterious element called “style”. Even those of us stuck in the fashion hinterlands can have it, get it or, at least, aspire to it. Living in a “blue collar” town doesn’t mean we can’t wear red lipstick.

And finally, I’m not a writer. But I love writing. Some kids love to play with blocks, or Barbies, or their imaginary friends. I’m the kid who loved to play with words. And though I might have grown up in the meantime (debatable, by the way), my first love and I are still going strong.


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  1. Fantastic work and thank you for bringing style to Edmonton. It’s nice to see other professional Edmonton women wearing stylish pieces here. Keep up the awesome posts!

  2. I just found you via Instagram (I’m @leomama). You’re SO inspiring! I’m a working mother of two under 5 and I live in Alaska where it’s dark & cold & getting out of thick sweaters and baggy pants is tough. Your feed is my new favorite. I’m feeling a closet purge coming on… 😉 thank you. I needed this!

  3. I live in London Ontario! Not only has nobody heard of it here, but there’s a more famous version of us out there. Love that you love both the designer and the thrift. I’m in the same boat. But I just leased a space in an antique mall so now I get to shop for my living, rather than just for fun. Anyway, I’m always looking for fellow Canadians online.

    • That’s awesome! I would love to have my own little vintage/thrifted “boutique”, but there’s just not enough time in my day 🙁 I love reading about others’ thrifting adventures online though … vicarious thrills 🙂

  4. Hello Adina! Just found your blog and loving it – fellow Canadian mom here, based in Montreal. Loving all the inspiration and hope to get into thrifting one of these days 😉

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