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  1. I learn so much from you, sensei! I really enjoy your shopping advice for both eBay and Kijiji! I am in awe of your thrifting abilities. Thank you! Have a good day!

  2. Hey! I just read your blog post about your perm from 2013 and I wanted to know if you knew the technique your stylist used? I loved the way it turned out and am wanting to do mine, but I want to do it in a beachy look like yours!!

    • Hi Katie! I don’t think the technique is different, it’s just the rods that were bigger (at least 3 different sizes, I think). I would ask my stylist for more specific details, but I think she’s still on mat leave at the moment. But if you are in Edmonton, I go to Ricci Hair — I’m sure one of their stylists would be able to help you. (I usually see Mika.)

  3. Hey, I hope everything’s ok with you, I dare say the wildfires aren’t anywhere near Edmonton and I don’t see any ominous plumes of smoke in your photos but that must be a pretty scary situation so close to home, all the same. I know how I’d feel if I could see the hills burning from my balcony.

    • Thank you! We are definitely safe here in Edmonton, the fire is about 400 km to the north for now, and we are hoping that it will start being contained soon. But the weather conditions are really terrible, which means that the current fire is doubling in size almost daily (last time I checked it was over 1000 square Km), and they are predicting the possibility of other fires throughout the summer. It is a very scary and heartbreaking situation for folks from Ft. McMurray, many of whom have lost everything. Because of the ongoing situation, it’s unlikely that anyone will be allowed back to Ft. McMurray for a few weeks, and possibly months, and I can’t imagine how people are coping with that sort of displacement. But lots of people (in Alberta and overseas) have been rallying around them, and are trying our best to help them.

  4. Hi Adina,

    I just wanted to say how much I love your style and your website and how inspiring it is for me. I am a relatively recent immigrant to Canada (came to Toronto 5 years ago) and I have my first managerial job :-)) Although I work in in charitable sector, I still need to dress appropriately. I am from Eastern Europe and business casual there is different. I also travelled a lot in Europe and studied in US and there are some style differences in Canada. I think I made a few style non-no mistakes on my way …

    I would say your style is Canadian with a tasty European twist. I just love it! I am also a thrift shopper myself and I love your tips on thrifting and buying on ebay. Thanks a lot!

    My question is about appropriateness of nude (and black) sheer thighs in business casual. Are they ok in Canada? There are so many opinions. They are a must have in Germany for example and people do not like them in US. When temperatures drop in Fall, should I opt for them here? What about nude socks with dress pants?

    Thanks once again for your site and your inspiration. You are a great writer.

    • Hi Oksana! I’m also originally from Eastern Europe, which might explain my attitude to sheer tights (nylons) — I wear them all the time. I tend to stick to the nude (to me) coloured ones, but I’ve seen women at my office rock the black sheers as well. I think they are perfectly appropriate in the workplace, any time of year. I also prefer sheer nude nylon socks to the thicker slip-on type of sock insert (sorry, the correct terminology escapes me) when wearing pants. Unless I am wearing sandals, I personally don’t like to wear shoes with bare feet.

      I think some people here find tights too “old” (or too uncomfortable) to wear regularly, hence the discussion around whether they can or should be worn to the workplace. Most places are fine with bare legs these days, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear tights if you prefer.

  5. Hi Adina,

    I really enjoy reading your blog posts during my lunch break. I’m a keen thrifter myself and am amazed at the pieces you find. I note that you’ve raised the possibility of getting seasonal colour analysis done but you’re not sure if it’s worth it. I had my colour analysis done last week (House of Colour) which cost £140 GBP. Turns out that I’m a Winter and look best in high contrast jewel tones (after spending pretty much my whole life in neutrals and muted autumnal colours!). I’ve managed to thrift a few new items and also got the lipstick recommended by the stylist. I’ve had compliments every day about how nice I look! I feel so much more confident and excited about my wardrobe now. Clothes shopping is now also taking a fraction of the time as I’m able to specifically target items that I know will look best and I just ignore everything else. This kind of approach may sound too restrictive to some but it’s a relief to me who can get easily overwhelmed in a busy / messy store. So in my opinion the colour analysis was definitely worth the time and money – and I’ll probably recoup the money this year through not making foolish purchases that I don’t end up wearing. Anyway, I hope this had been of some help, and all the best with the blog – your writing style and fashion style are both wonderful and much appreciated.

    • Thank you so much for the comment. I think I’m going to go for it. I’m curious what I will get classified as, but also a little worried. I like my current colours …

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