If you’re new around here, chances are that you have some questions. Maybe one of these. In which case, this page is for you! And if you’ve got other questions, feel free to drop me a line at bluecollarredlipstick(at)gmail.com


So, what’s this blog about?

At the moment, mostly OOTD photos. Most of them blurry, because I’m usually snapping them on the run, with an iPhone camera. Oh, the glamour.

Also, books.

And, whenever I can justify it, pictures of cute guys.

(I also talk about random things, and occasionally philosophize. I try to give people warning ahead of time when that’s about to happen.)


Style, eh? What’s yours all about?

Who the hell knows? Half church lady with a florals fetish, half preppy suburban mom. All basic bitch.

I love colour, and prints, and lots of everything, but deep down I long to be a minimalist. (I tried it once. Not actually that much fun.)

Seriously, though, I work in a corporate environment with a fairly conservative dress code. Monday through Friday, I try to dress accordingly.


Whoa, you seem to buy a lot of things. What’s up with that?

I do. And I share the details on the blog for two reasons.

One, it helps to illustrate my belief that style doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag. I’m all about shopping smart, and getting the best quality for your buck. I’m a big fan of secondhand shopping (thrift and resale), and the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Two, it might help people understand how I put my wardrobe together. I try to explain the reasons why I buy the things I do, and how they meet my lifestyle needs. Or not. No one’s perfect.

I don’t consider this a shopping blog, and like to keep it that way. I will occasionally share items that I consider “good buys”, but I don’t keep on top of sales, discounts codes, and the like. There are lots of places on the internet where you can find all of that information. I don’t believe in the idea of universal “must have” items. Everyone likes different things. I’m interested in talking about how to find things that work for your budget and your lifestyle and, more importantly, how to put it all together to create your own style.


Do you use affiliate links?

No. I talked about why here.

All links on this blog are to product pages on retailers’ websites. (Or other blogs.) For that reason, some of the older links may no longer work. Sorry.

If you are interested in a particular item you see on the blog, and you find no information about it in the post, please feel free to email me. I try to identify things I have bought at consignment or thrift stores, which account for 70% or more of my wardrobe.


Why is my comment under moderation?

Because I’m technologically incompetent.

No, really. I had problems with spam comments a few years ago, and manually approving all comments was the most low-tech way of solving the problem.

I don’t actually moderate comments. I have never deleted a comment. Provided you’re not a spambot, your comment should show up within a day. Sooner, if I’m procrastinating at work. I also try to respond to as many comments as I can, so please … comment away. It makes me really, really, ridiculously happy.

Oh, I reserve the right to edit profanities. No one’s allowed to f*cking swear around here but me. Unless you’re really, really funny, in which case profane away.


If I comment on your blog, will you comment on mine?

Um. Maybe.

If you add a link to your blog in the comment form, I will most likely check it out. I like finding new blogs to read. I may or may not leave a comment, though. If you’re using Disqus or any equivalent, probably definitely not. I have forgotten about 3 different Disqus passwords already, and I’m too lazy to come up with a new one. If I absolutely adore your blog, and have to tell you so, I will e-mail you. And follow you on Instagram. And generally creep on you on social media. We cool?



13 Comments on FAQ

  1. Hi Adina, I was wondering if I could get your advice on a bag I found? I am in Australia, it is a Salvatore Ferragamo (swoon).
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Nicolle! While I am happy to take a look, please note that I am not an expert in Ferragamo bags, or an authenticator, so I can’t give you a definitive opinion as to authenticity (if that is what you are looking for). Feel free to email me at bluecollarredlipstick(at)gmail.com

  2. I thought I might get an idea of where your do the majority of your thrift shopping in you FAQ page. Alas, it is not here. We don’t have the high end items at the prices you list around my area. Or maybe it’s that I am looking in the wrong places.

    • I mostly thrift at Goodwill and Value Village (same company which operates as Savers in the US). I think the thrift scene really varies from city to city. Good luck!

  3. Hi! I see you were recently thrifting in Calgary, and I write to you as I am planning a shopping trip. Any suggestions as to where to go in Calgary? I am just back to work after Mat Leave and have become accustomed to the thrifting way of life when it comes to office style (and receive much inspiration from your finds)! However, I live in Medicine Hat and while our VV does not disappoint, I’m hoping to broaden my new-ish skills in the big city of YYC. Thank you!

    • I would definitely try the Goodwill and Value Village that are located near Chinook Mall. I’ve had really good luck there the few times I’ve visited. Good luck!!

  4. Hi! Love your blog, you have inspired many an outfit for me. I have a question about thrifting shoes, do you clean or disinfect them before wearing? I have always been a little squeamish about previously worn shoes but I pulled the trigger on a pair and now I’m not sure how to make sure I don’t get foot funk since they’d be worn without socks or tights. Thanks!!

    • Absolutely! It’s very simple to do with leather shoes (I don’t buy non-leather ones). You just soak a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol or Lysol, and wipe down the inside of the shoe (as long as it’s leather and not fabric). Leave it to air-dry — the alcohol won’t damage the sole — then repeat once or twice, if you like. I have never experienced issues, although I do wear nylons or socks (regular or no-show ones) almost always. I find that helps keep my own shoes funk-free, if you know what I mean 😉

  5. Hi Adina,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog over the past year or so. You’ve inspired me to make my outfits more interesting, while keeping them professional. And thank you for the fantastic tip about the Club Monaco turtlenecks! I am now the proud owner of 4 (!) — they are so cozy and perfect for this bleak mid-winter.

    Reading your blog has inspired me to get into thrifting and consigning. Could you recommend a good place in Edmonton for consigning my clothes? And, what are your favourite thrift shops? My apologies if you’ve already touched on this.

    Many thanks,
    Stephanie Mitchell

    • Yay! Happy to hear that the turtlenecks worked out for you — I wear mine All The Time.

      For consigning, I tend to use My Favourite Aunt’s (it’s also where I shop consignment most often). Check out their rules (what they accept, timing, consignment period, payment, etc.) beforehand especially if you are not familiar with the consignment process — I think theirs is pretty typical. I find their pricing is a bit low on designer items (which impacts how much you’re getting paid out), but I have had better luck selling mid-range brands there than anywhere else. For thrift stores, I tend to go to Goodwill and Value Village out of convenience and because they tend to have the most consistent good selection. I shop mostly on the south side, because it’s closer to where I live, but there are good GW and VVs in west Edmonton, as well as Sherwood Park. And keep checking the blog and my IG — Nicole (the Spirited Thrifter) and I will re-start our Tuesday Night Thrift dates soon, and you are welcome to join us at our next outing if you like.

      good luck!

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