YSL Besace satchel messenger; J. Crew Factory wool mini skirt
Skirt & shirt, J. Crew Factory; shoes, G by Guess; bag, YSL (via Kijiji)

Sooooo … this outfit ended up looking kinda schoolgirlish, yes? It was only somewhat intentional; I started getting dressed, realized which way this was going, and decided to double down with a satchel.

Pretty much ...
Pretty much …

Is it still creepy if I’m old enough to have school-aged kids of my own?

YSL Besace satchel messenger; J. Crew Factory wool mini skirt; G by Guess metallic flats
Bag & shoes details

Hopefully not. And if my hope doesn’t bear out, then don’t hold my sense of the absurd against me, ‘mkay?

YSL Besace satchel messenger; J. Crew Factory wool mini skirt
Non-creepy … I think … ?

I also hope you’re not sick of my incessant chatter about mascara, because I’m about to hit you, baby, one more time. Now, you may remember that I railed against the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara in a previous post, so this may come as a surprise: I bought another tube of it. Two, actually. I’ll back up.

One of my beauty product obsessions is coloured mascara. I’m talking bright, vibrant, doesn’t-look-like-some-indeterminate-shade-of-black coloured mascara. I have, in my foolish quest, paid upwards of $30 for mascara that promised me COLOUR, only to deliver more drab. So, you will forgive me my excitement when I heard that L’Oreal was bringing out colourful versions of the Miss Manga mascara. So excited was I, that I willing overlooked the crappy brush and questionable packaging/marketing.

At first, it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on any of the coloured mascaras, because all my local drugstores only carried the regular black version. Finally, weeks later, I finally spotted the turquoise one. Bam!

L'Oreal Miss Manga Turquoise
L’Oreal Miss Manga in Turquoise
L'Oreal Miss Manga Turquoise
Bright and vibrant, right?

Success! It’s gorgeous. But maybe not the best colour for green eyes? Off I went in search of the purple version. Ummm …

L'Oreal Miss Manga purple mascara
L’Oreal Miss Manga in Purple
L'Oreal Miss Manga purple
NOT bright & vibrant (whomp whomp)

I should have known how this would end when I pulled out the wand and saw the sorry excuse for so-called purple (more like muddy plum), but I wasn’t fully deterred. “Maybe it becomes more purple once it’s applied?” “Why would they create two bright blue mascaras, and one crappy, almost-black, not-really-purple purple?” The answers, as it turns out, are “Nope” and “I have no freaking idea”. But I’m kinda mad. To add insult to injury, the purple also has a tendency to clump to an annoying degree (see above). Bah!

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a coloured mascara, you’re probably not going to hate the Turquoise and Indigo Miss Manga mascaras. Just give the Purple a miss.

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