Month: February 2018

I Did A Thing


Regular as clockwork. My last significant haircut was a year ago, and here we are. Again. Thankfully, I have stopped making impetuous vows about how I am never cutting my hair for the rest of my days. So there was nothing sheepish about this decision, for once. It was a bit overdue, to be honest. I have now made peace with the fact that my hair looks its best when it’s above the shoulders. Scratch that. My meager skills cannot do much with my hair at shoulder-length and beyond. Inevitably, I find myself with flat, limp, sad-looking hair and then, in short order, a pony-tail. Life’s too short to mourn the mermaid hair that never will be. So, chop chop.


This is the kind of bob I’ve been wanting for a few years; somehow, my intent got lost in translation with various previous hair stylists, who always seemed to want to sneak in layers I never really wanted. Convenience took me to a new salon (close to my new work), and the rest is history. It’s always a bit of a gamble to get a bunch of hair chopped off by someone you’ve never met before, but all’s well that ends well.

Do I love the result? Hell, yes. I’m not sure if it’s my most traditionally flattering haircut, but I think it complements my current style – that whole jolie laide thing. At this length, I may even experiment with the effortlessly “undone” style beloved of chic French girls – you know, just wash, air dry, and go.



Hey, I have to hold on to some unattainable hair goals, right?

In all seriousness, though, does anyone else get really excited about working with a new haircut when it comes to outfits? I feel like this bob is really leaning into the edgier side of my current style (architectural, minimalist) whilst still being classic enough to work with my more traditional silhouettes. So many possibilities!

Happy Friday, y’all!

The Community Trading Post

Hey guys, so remember when we decided these swap/sell posts were a good experiment? Do we still feel that way? I am happy to set aside one post a month for this, but only if you guys think there’s enough value in it. As a way to promote secondhand consumption, I am all for it, but I’ve got a few other outlets for promoting that mission so I am not wedded to the idea of these posts if there isn’t enough buy-in from, well, the community. So please speak up!

Alright, once more (last time?), with feeling.

Reminder of the disclaimers/ground rules.

One, while I believe in the BCRL community, I do not know each of you personally, so I cannot vouch for any person or item. Please use your best discretion, both when buying and trading. While I think this idea has great potential, its success is premised on trust and the honour system – please be fair and respectful of others. If anyone becomes aware of concerns over another poster/reader’s actions, please let me know. I do not have time to police people, but I also don’t want anyone to be using my site to rip others off, so should something of that nature happen, I will shut down these posts immediately.

Two, I would ask that people at least consider international shipping, provided the other party is willing to assume the costs. I say this as a Canadian who often feels shut out of trading sites where the members are predominantly from the US. Of course, I can’t and wouldn’t force anyone to do something they feel comfortable with, but I know there are BCRL readers all over North America (and the world), and I think it would be nice if everyone had the option to participate.

Three, please feel free to include links to specific items you are selling/seeking as long as they are not affiliate ones.

Four, please be clear about the specifics of what you are looking for and/or are offering, including payment, shipping, etc. Alternately, you can include an email address for inquiries, but please note that this would be visible to the public/anyone visiting the blog.

See you in the comments!

What I Wore: Feb 1-10

The Difficult Skirt


I love clothing that has personality; this skirt has a lot of personality, which is (a) great, but also (b) difficult to work with. Its dimensions and style are very normcore-ish, but the print is quite ethereal. Since I struggle with disparate style influences, I get this skirt – sometimes, you just can’t decide what you want to be. But … well, the struggle to make it all work somehow. It’s real. So, in practice, I never like outfits featuring this skirt as much as I want to like them, because I always feel like the execution could be better. Like, I am convinced there is some other garment out there that will make this skirt’s idiosyncrasies make sense, know what I mean? Maybe there isn’t, though … ahem, I digress. I feel like this outfit was a solid effort. The cropped, chunky sweater certainly has the right silhouette to balance the skirt. I also think this looked better in person than it photographs so … yeah, solid effort.

[Note: I realized that I actually wore this on Jan 31 as there was a bit of a last-minute switcheroo. Still counting it here.]



I wasn’t initially going to keep this velvet striped, semi-sheer Eileen Fisher top, but then I came to my senses. I’m becoming a huge EF fan, and this top can be dressed up or, as in this case, down. I love playing with texture in a monochromatic outfit, and there’s a whole lot of that going on here: velvet, wool, leather. A little bit rock ‘n roll, a whole lot of comfort.

Heart on My Sleeve


… or, rather, my chest?! That doesn’t really make sense. Moving on. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t keep this Love Moschino sweater, so of course I’m having second thoughts and wondering if I should keep it. Do I need it? Almost certainly not, but there is always room in my closet for an extra cute sweater, ok? Given how many now reside in said closet, I really should try this formula of blazer+sweater+jeans more often – it’s menswear inspired, which is very hip* right now, but in a vague enough way that I feel I can pull it off without looking like I’m trying too hard, and perfect for winter days at the office. Speaking of which, I need to try this type of combo with trousers as well; why limit a successful formula to Fridays only?

* Is “hip” the word we’re using these days? Asking for an old.

The Glorious Potato Sack, Part MMXIIXVQYZzfqpkqisbbdx


I mean, there will never be a potato sack dress that I won’t, even just briefly, consider buying. This one I bought without the slightest hesitation because it’s a fancy brand I’ve never seen before at the thrift store: Pringle of Scotland. Better known for their knits, but whatever – thrifters can’t be choosers, my friends. Especially when a potato sack is involved. Hashtag: Achilles heel. You all know my other weakness – psst, chunky knits – so this outfit will not come as a surprise. I doubled down on the volume at the top, and balanced it out with OTK boots. The result may be no one’s idea of outfit inspiration, but I loved every bit and minute of it, in the most liberating, DGAF way ever.