Currently Wishful Thinking About: A New Dressing Table

fancy French dressing table
fancy French dressing table

I have been wanting a proper, ladylike dressing table for years and, guys, it’s finally going to happen. We are re-doing our bedroom at the moment (I’m using the royal “we” since I am doing about 0.5% of the work), and one of the (many) awesome results of that will be room for the white, neoclassical dressing table of my dreams. Too bad I can’t say the same about the budget. So, I’ll be consoling myself with this version instead:

IKEA Hemnes dressing table
IKEA Hemnes dressing table

Currently Loving: Equipment Butterfly Print Blouse

Equipment Butterfly Print Blouse
Equipment Butterfly Print Blouse

I saw this at Holt Renfrew a while back, but didn’t feel like shelling out $150+ (on sale!) for a sleeveless blouse. But the print! Butterfly prints (like florals, and bird prints) are my Achilles’ heel. I went back to check on the price situation and, of course, the blouse was long gone. I’m going to keep an eye out for this one at Winners over the next 2-3 months, and hope the retail gods are kind.

Currently Hunting: Topshop Slim Curve Blazer

Topshop Slim Curve blazer
Topshop Slim Curve blazer

I spotted my co-worker wearing this blazer, and she looked phenomenal in it so … me wanty. Me wanty a lot. I don’t currently have a light coloured blazer in my closet, and I like the modern cut and colour of this one. Naturally, it is out of stock at The Bay. EBay to the rescue? To be continued …

Currently Reading: This ‘n That

I’m still reading my way through Italian Days, and waiting on a big Amazon order – so, nothing new on the book front. I have recently(ish) discovered some awesome blogs, so I thought I’d share those with you instead.

Xin’s posts at Invincible Summer are always insightful, thought-provoking, and well written, whether on style, consumerist culture and minimalism, personal finance, or figuring out the post-university world.

Alissa at The Adored Life is the definition of, well, adorable, and her style is cute and relatable at the same time.

And if you’re not already reading My Three Angles, you need to start, immediately. I’m not going to spoil one of the best satire blogs on the Internet by telling you more about it, but believe me when I say that you need it in your (blog-reading) life.

Currently Obsessing Over: Commander Snow and the Return of Jaqen H’ghar

Photo via HBO / Game of Thrones
Photo via HBO / Game of Thrones

I am beyond excited to watch these two story lines unfold, because I love their equivalent arcs in the book. I never really got into Arya’s story until she went to Braavos and began her apprenticeship with the Faceless Men; the addition of Jaqen H’ghar to the mix is brilliant. It will be interesting to see how fast this arc runs on the show, since Dance of Dragons ended before we got to the payoff – we may get it sooner than later. Similarly, I am almost certain that the show will outpace the books on the Wall/Castle Black front given that Jon has already been elected Commander, and they’ve dispensed with a bunch of subplots. So, unless they reeeeeally drag things out, we will see what happens after …




… Jon’s Ides of March moment. I have my ideas – GoT book readers, how about you?

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    • Oh yeah, I tried that a few days ago. Got the blazer in my cart, filled out my billing info, and then bam – “sorry, we can’t process your order”. I called CS, and they told me that, in fact, they don’t have it in stock anymore. They just have a crappy website, that’s all. It was incredibly frustrating – especially since I was so excited to find it on sale.

      • Ughhh I have had a few frustrations with the Bay online as well. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out, I would have loved to see it on you!

  1. I’m on the hunt for a vanity table too! Please let me know if you find one like the first one above in your search. It’s absolutely perfect.

    • I would guess either a high end furniture store or antique store would be your best bet. I found the picture by Googling “neoclassical french dressing table” – looking online might help you find some of the stores selling this type of furniture.

      P.S. I didn’t look at the price because, well, I probably don’t want to know 😉

  2. My Three Angles is amazing! Thank you for the recommendation. I can’t stop reading it. Also, I hope you are able to track down that Equipment blouse at a decent price because it is beautiful and would look lovely on you!

  3. If you are looking for some good books to read, I highly recommend Kate Quinn. Start with Mistress of Rome – and be prepared to wonder why you’re not in ancient Rome when you put the book down. She tells a dynamic story with a varied cast of characters.

    Another good book I’ve read recently is The Second Duchess, by Elizabeth Loupas. It’s a mystery and historical fiction all wrapped into one – set in 1560 in Ferrara. And believable, not like some historical mysteries which just read as CSI: 1400. I had to stop myself from looking up stuff on wikipedia so I wouldn’t spoil the ending!

  4. OMG! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so, so, so flattered that anyone reads my blog much less calls me cute when I feel like I am just a mess! EEEEKKK! Thank you!

  5. Thanks so much for the kind mention!

    I’ve been following Game of Thrones more closely this season because of the promise of story-lines that differ dramatically from the book. (“Following” might not strictly be accurate because I admittedly couldn’t resist tracking down the leaked episodes in the first week, but I’ll be following along again once episode 5 airs.) I’m also hoping that the TV show can move some of the story-lines faster than the books.

    • I really do love your blog, so I hope you’ll continue with it 🙂

      I’m really enjoying GoT again this year, but I’m not quite as obsessed. Maybe it’s just too early in the season; I’m guessing the stakes will get a lot higher the closer we get to the end. I am very much looking forward to seeing where the TV plot takes us …