What I Wore: Sunday

blue collar red lipstick, what i wore

I don’t have much to say about this outfit, really. It’s one of my “uniforms”: J. Crew Factory paperbag waist mini + top + belt. And done. You better believe that this is about as comfy as it gets.

You know what I just discovered? This cool watercolour-effect filter on my Mac. Yep, I am about 15 technological years behind. But, hey, look at my bracelet stack! Yep, I’m also about 15 fashion seasons behind, too.

blue collar red lipstick, what i wore

3 Comments on Sunday Funday

  1. The filter is cool – I really like the mix of colours going on as well.

    During your hiatus, I searched out some other fashion blogs to read. I realized shortly how much I appreciate that you write about what you’re wearing and don’t just have impeccably posed pictures. I feel like I’m learning something from you about how to put outfits together, instead of just looking at photos. I’m glad you’re back!

    • Thank you so much, Laura, that means a lot! Your support and comments make my day – seriously.

      But there are lots of other great blogs that showcase real-world style, so to speak. My faves are Franish, Looks Good From the Back, Sam Ipsa Loquitur (sadly, she’s on hiatus), and Blue Paper Lanterns. I’m sure there are a few I’m forgetting. Check them out … but then come back, ya hear! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Well, there goes my evening….kidding! I will check them out but I always will come back. ๐Ÿ™‚