What I Wore: Baby Shower

Dreamy Drape Dress Plenty by Tracy Reece; Zara sparkly flats
Dress, Plenty by Tracy Reese (via eBay); cardigan & necklace, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Zara

I love, love, love this dress, and I’m sad that I’m forced to ruin it with a cardigan every time I wear it. Let’s move on before this veers into a weather rant. Hey, looky, I’m wearing my Tinkerbell shoes again! And they’re still obnoxiously, wonderfully sparkly.

Also, teal. As a redhead, I feel like I should like (and wear) teal more than I do. (Conversely, I should love mustard yellow less than I do, but the heart wants what it wants.) Teal is like … broccoli. It’s probably good for me, but I will find every excuse to not have to eat wear it. Unless I feel guilty about a recent chocolate binge in which case … wait. What am I talking about again? Oh yes, teal. We have a like/mild indifference relationship.

I’m not indifferent about this necklace:

J. Crew Factory necklaceWhat colour is your broccoli?

[This post was brought to you by Adina’s stream-of-consciousness at some ungodly late hour. Insomnia is a terrible thing, friends.]

9 Comments on Grecian Gray

  1. Apparently my broccoli is black. I should wear more of it because it looks good on me (?) but I don’t / won’t because it depresses me.

    Saw the most amazing Philip Lim dress for $100 in a consignment shop and wouldn’t buy it because it was BLACK. *sigh*

    Also, I really want that grey dress.. the draping is divine.

    • You can still find the grey dress on eBay! It comes in a few different colours/prints. I’ve been tempted to buy the purple version, but … restraint. I’m trying to learn about it.
      I wear TOO much black. It’s a crutch for me, but I don’t think it actually does me many favours. I look kinda ghostly if I wear too much of it.

  2. That dress is gorgeous!
    I love teal. It stayed with me from the time I was a redhead.
    My broccoli is red. I love red shoes, purses and hair. I can’t waer red shirts, pants, skirts or even dresses. I get angry, frustrated, sad, overall unhappy.

    • You know how I feel about red as an accent colour. (I love it.) But I can’t pull off head-to-toe red; I think it clashes with my skin tone or something.
      I don’t think I’ve ever seen you as a redhead?!!! Damn, we could make a hot team!

  3. Pink. My broccoli is pink. With Barbie-blonde hair (and a purple living room…), people seem to think I “should” like pink. I, on the other hand, am convinced that at least one level of hell is decorated entirely in Hello Kitty, and various complementary shades.

    • Hey now! Nothing wrong with a little Hello Kitty. Ahem.
      I love pink, although I don’t seem to wear a lot of it. I have a bright pink bag I call my “Barbie purse” though; does that count? 😉

    • Thanks! I think there is a picture of it in an earlier post (back in January), but I will take any excuse to wear it again 😉
      As soon as the 30 x 30 challenge is over, keep an eye out for it.