Adriano Goldschmied Stevie cords; J. CRew loafers

A big file I worked on before my mat leave was finally (and successfully) wrapped up, so the responsible senior partner invited me to join the rest of the team for celebratory drinks. An evening with adults? With adult talk, and adult beverages? Minus kids? Yes, PLEASE. I will even dress like a grown-up.

I had planned on wearing a dress for that purpose, but the weather conspired to botch my plans. Again. Whatcha got against me, Mother Nature? Humph! So, instead, I went with a boring but classic combo of sweater + button-down shirt. Snooooooooooze. At least I looked relatively presentable and professional … until the wind decided to re-arranged my coiffure, gratis.

Why, Mother Nature, why?

Hey, let’s look at my manicure!

Bracelet, Swarovski
Bracelet, Swarovski

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  1. I love your nails and your ring! What kind of business are in? Lawyering? I wish someone would take me out for dranks!

    • Thanks, lady! You got it 😉
      I actually don’t really drink anymore, but I’m always threatening to. And then I order my usual virgin Caesar, because I am a wuss who doesn’t like the taste of vodka (but can, apparently, drink gallons of Clamato juice … I have very refined tastes, thankyouverymuch).