J. Crew loafers; black cardigan, capsule dressing
Jeans, Levi’s (via consignment); blouse, Old Navy; belt, Tommy Hilfiger; shoes, J. Crew (via consignment); bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

I didn’t think much of this outfit when I was getting ready, but then a few people complimented me on it, and I was, like, “Whoa! You know nothing, Jon Snow Adina.” Fair enough.

Can we talk about capsule dressing for a sec? In general, I’m anti-capsule, because people who are pro-capsule are usually very much into the whole minimalist thing, and all that “you only need 15 pieces each season” business. No. I need* 100, and that’s only because I restrain myself. However. One silver lining to this whole 30 x 30 disaster challenge has been the discovery that I kinda like working with a minimalist colour palette.

Now, don’t go thinking I mean 3 colours or something equally unlikely. Girl, please; you know me better than that. I’m talking 6 or so main colours, with a few additional ones as accents. For this “capsule”, I ended up with black, blue, cognac, cream, red and khaki-green as my main colours, with teal, purple, and coral as accents. And, guess what? Putting together outfits is easy when you’re not trying to harmonize an entire rainbow. I also liked the cohesiveness of the resulting looks; I feel like that takes me one step closer to looking like a proper adult – at almost-34, about time.

OK, that was more than a second. I lied.

* Fine. Technically, I don’t need a bazillion clothes like I need, say, air. I just like being … hyperboloose? Can we pretend that’s a real word? Like, loose-handed with my hyperboles. I like it. It’s fetch.

6 Comments on 30 x 30: Twenty Six

  1. Haha I am so with you on all of this—although I’ve noticed as I get older, and especially this year, I’ve been paring down and adding a lot of white blouses, neutral sweaters, etc. to make getting dressed in the morning easier!

    Blonde in this City

    • I just can’t stay away from a loud pattern, you know? But I’m getting far less, um, adventurous in my old age. I won’t pile them on all at once, LOL!
      But I can def see the appeal of a carefully selected colour palette.

  2. I like this outfit too! And I hear you about a colour palate – I went through my wardrobe a few months ago and and noticed that I’ve really streamlined my colours. For neutral, I have black, white, and grey. Then for colour I have mustard, red, pink, blue, and purple. (Okay, perhaps “really streamlined” is an overstatement.) But it does really help when I’m getting dressed that I’m not trying to mix in olive green or brown as a neutral. Everything goes with grey or black.