Joe Fresh ombre tee shirt
jacket, Point Zero; top, Joe Fresh; jeans, Rachel Roy; shoes, Old Navy; bag, MbMJ

Rain. Rain. All the rain.

Yeah, I might look like I’m, all, “so much fun, tee hee!”, but that’s only because my husband probably cracked a joke 10 seconds before snap, snap, snapping my photo. (He likes to take approximately a bazillion photos each time, just so I’ll have a bazillion minus two photos to delete off my phone. Weirdo.) Inside, I am crying, because it’s raining and it all feels too much like fall already.

Joe Fresh ombre tee shirt
I haaaaaate fall

I don’t wear a lot of brown usually, but I liked the relaxed vibe of this jacket (windbreaker?) so I got it without giving much thought about how it would work with the rest of my wardrobe. It seems to go with blue, though, and since blue makes up a good chunk of my closet, it should works out just fine.

Joe Fresh ombre tee shirt
Do NOT talk about pumpkin anything to me

Hope we can say the same about this weather.

4 Comments on After the Heatwave

  1. I don’t want to slap you for mentioning fall (see comment on your confessions post!) as it was in passing rather than “looking forward to layers! Coats! Boots! New stuff! Affiliate links!” 😉 In fact I stopped reading all those blogs in favour of their v entertaining GOMI threads.

    Think I got out the wrong side of bed today! Anyway- stripes, Breton stripes in particular, navy on white, would look super under your new coat.

    • I think you’re right re stripes with that coat.

      And no worries … I totally share your sentiment about bloggers’ love of fall, and I wasn’t offended in the least. I mentioned fall because every year, at the end of July/beginning of August, I have a freak-out about fall coming. I hate fall (it last 2 weeks here, and then we get snow. For 6 months.)

  2. I looooove fall, so I can deal with rain as long as I have my trench and rainboots.
    As for a bajillion photos, I am the same way. I take a LOT of photos then delete what I don’t want because sometimes you can’t get a good shot.

    • No, no, no! NO! No fall. Fall means winter here. Also, I don’t have your collection of amazing coats. If you send me one (or two, or three, or all of them), then maybe I’ll reconsider 😉