Boss ikat print skirt; J. Crew chartreuse  ruffle blouse

… would be a lot less stylish. What have we got? Pea soup green? Toddler mucous discharge? Yeah, exactly. Chartreuse, on the other hand, is French, and we all know that French things are automatically stylish. It’s, like, a universal law.

vintage bouquet pin; floral brooch
vintage pin

I happen to be a fan of chartreuse, although I think the verdict’s still out on whether chartreuse is a fan of my complexion. Or vice versa. Typically, I’m all about relegating questionable colours to my bottom half – don’t go Freudian on that statement – to avoid as much as possible looking sicklier/pastier than necessary. I threw that caution to the wind when I bought this blouse. I also committed to an awful lot of ruffles. Or, as the French say, volants. See, already more stylish.


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