Mulberry Fitzrovia bag; Talula navy blazer; J. Crew mirrored floral t-shirt
Blazer, Talula; jeans, Rachel Roy; t-shirt, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Tory Burch; bag, Mulberry

I wasn’t sure whether this outfit deserved its own post or not; I mean, it’s fine, but not exactly ground-breaking. Then I realized that this describes pretty much every other outfit I’ve ever put on the blog, so here it goes.

Mulberry Fitzrovia bag; Talula navy blazer; J. Crew mirrored floral t-shirt
stuck on 3 (the watch, that is)

It’s a basic uniform-outfit, tweaked with a few sorta interesting details. Gosh, I still sound less than enthused about it, don’t I? I liked it, I really did. It’s fine. It’s fine, right? Fine. Yes.

Mulberry Fitzrovia bag; Talula navy blazer; J. Crew mirrored floral t-shirt
I need lipstick

10 Comments on Fridays in Blue

  1. It’s better than fine! I have a watch I love but never wear it because it doesn’t work anymore, but I think I will wear it now, thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    • Awesome! Between you and me, I wear non-functioning watches all the time. I’m too lazy to replace batteries (or even fix the time properly – daylight savings time annoys me), and I never use the watch to tell the time anyway. Think of it as a pretty bracelet.

  2. It’s blue, so obviously I’m a fan, but I’m actually loving that bag at the moment. Is it brown or deep purple? I feel like a satchel needs to make its way into my life.

    • It’s dark brown. I’ve decided that blue + brown is an underrated combo, so I’m making an effort to use it more often. (The blazer is navy, in case that isn’t obvious. I’m not brave enough to wear blue, black AND brown together ;))

  3. NOOOO. I LIKE THIS OUTFIT SO MUCH. It really makes me miss wearing jeans every day to work because I just think it’s the perfect casual cool while still looking pulled together. I just like everything from the pretty tee to the way those jeans look.

    • It’s funny … I was just thinking today: I could really take it or leave it when it comes to casual Fridays at work. I like jeans fine, but they’re not my favourite thing (and I wear them enough on weekends). I wish I could transfer my casual Friday privileges to you 😉

  4. It is fine! I like it. I tend to wear this same jeans/flats/blouse uniform to work every day and have been coveting a blazer to dress it up a bit (I usually wear a cardigan). I love how other ladies look in blazers, but I hate I look in them. You are just fueling my blazer jealousy/sadness now!

    • I love cardigans! I always used to avoid blazers, because they felt uncomfortable to me, but I’ve since found a couple I really love and I’m happy.

      Why do you hate how you look in blazers?

  5. Love this outfit. I would like to print out a copy of the photo to show to people that this is what you wear on casual Friday to work. It’s work-casual, not home-casual. The top is really pretty. The delicate blue pattern is like fine china.

    I still like cardigans too, but I’ve been wearing more blazers lately – not as part of suits but as separates.

    • Yeah, casual Friday means different things to different people. I am a chronic over-dresser, so I can’t say that I’ve ever strayed too far into “casual” territory. I once wore a tunic with leggings, and felt very guilty about it.