Yeah … so, this happened.

MaxMara Ragni camel coat
MaxMara Ragni Coat

I kept thinking about this coat after seeing it at Holt. The price tag was … inhibitory. (More on that in a moment.) And, then, the perfect storm came along: a super stressful week at work and home. I was overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, and coming down with the Toddler Plague. You could say that shopping under such influences is a bad idea … and I would generally agree. Except that, in this case, I ended up with this sweet coat. So, not entirely bad.

MaxMara Ragni camel coat
the one that didn’t get away

Yes, it was expensive. But I wasn’t completely irresponsible. I had a gift card, and a not-insubstantial coupon ($100 off for $300 spent). All told, my out-of-pocket damage was just over $250 – not bad for a $800+ coat, and not bad for a mid-weight coat (perfect for fall and spring in Edmonton) that I will hopefully wear for years.

MaxMara Ragni camel coat
action shot!

I love the sleek, cocoon style. It a good mix of classic and modern. It easily accommodates several layers – an important consideration because I wear this coat daily on my work commute, and I hate the feeling of bunchy layers (especially blazer sleeves bunching into my armpits) – without looking bulky. I never lusted after MaxMara before (as y’all know, I’m not really a coat person), but I have to admit: they do make a nice looking coat.

MaxMara Ragni camel coat

14 Comments on The One Where I Buy a MaxMara Coat

  1. MaxMara makes ridiculously good coats. It has good resale value too but I’d definitely keep that for years to come.

    I own Smythe coats that I LOVE so I can commiserate. Generally MaxMara is $2000 though, so this is “reasonably” priced..

    (LOL @ Toddler Plague)

    • I just can’t. I had a really hard time paying $250 for this one (much as I love it), and if I hadn’t been so fuzzy-headed, I probably wouldn’t have. But, irrational shopping quirks aside, I can totally see how a good coat IS something worth spending a bit of money on.

    • Thanks 🙂
      I wear it almost every day to work, but I rarely take photos of it. I see coats as purely utilitarian, not a part of the outfit. But that may change now…

  2. Love that coat. Love it! (Caveat: I am a coat person.) We live in a climate where you need multiple coats throughout the year and that looks like a good sample. It’s classic in both style and colouring, so you’ll get lots of use for it for years to come. Sometimes it’s better to pay a little more (especially for a coat) to get something of good quality that you know you’ll use. Have I mentioned I love this coat? 🙂

  3. I love this coat!!! I definitely think you should add coats to the outfit photo posts! Especially during the winter when we’re all forced to wear them. Maybe a coat photo followed by photos without? Love that funnel collar.