I love symmetry, so the title was a given but, as you know, I bought All The Things this year, which meant that I had to cheat in writing this post. There is no way in hell I could pick just 14 favourite things, and there is no way in hell you’d read a post about 42087 the many things I bought and loved this year. So, I decided to try a different take on “favourite” by looking at some of the most practical (read: most worn) things I bought, as well as some of the best deals of the year. And, of course, I also decided to throw in some statistics.

Get a drink, get comfortable, and let’s re-visit some of the highlights of my year in shopping. Minimalists, avert your eyes.

7 Most Practical Things I Bought This Year

1)      Skinny Jeans

favourite things of 2014
Rachel Roy jeans

Clearly, jeans are about as practical as a clothes purchase can get. I still haven’t found a good pair of straight cut jeans that I can wear with flats and boots, so my skinny jeans are my denim default.

Cost-per-Wear (after approx. 1 year): $0.50

 2)      Camel Wool Coat

favourite things of 2014
MaxMara Camel Coat

I agonized so long over buying my MaxMara camel wool coat, and all I can say now is: LOL. I wear it to work almost every day. I got lucky with the weather this winter being milder than usual, but it is actually a surprisingly warm coat, especially layered over a work blazer. I love it, and it makes me feel like less of a schlub on my commute.

 Cost-per-Wear (after approx. 3 months): $6.26

 3)      Black Cigarette Pants

favourite things of 2014
Banana Republic Sloan Pants

I wear these at least once a week, every week. I’ve tried just about every iteration of black, ankle-cropped slim cut pants out there, and the BR Sloan version works the best for me, hands down. I am looking to add a navy (and maybe grey and olive) pair to my wardrobe this year. I may even – gasp! – pay retail price for it.

Cost-per-Wear (after 4 months): $2.27

 4)      Cognac Sandals

favourite things of 2014
Old Navy Sandals

I actually paid full retail price for my Old Navy cognac sandals because they looked exactly like my ideal pair of Jesus sandals. We’re talking $20 and change, and je ne regrette rien. They were (and will be) a great summer staple.

Cost-per-Wear (after 10 months): $1.00

 5)      Moto Boots

favourite things of 2014
Joseph Seibel Boots

I still covet the Frye Jenna boots, but my Joseph Seibel lookalikes have proven to be a great alternative for a fraction of the price. I wear these all the time, almost as often as my regular knee-high boots.

Cost-per-Wear (after 9 months): $2.67

6)      Converse Sneakers

favourite things of 2014

I’m not much a casual shoe gal, but I’m a Chucks convert. These were my go-tos in the spring and summer as a SAHM.

 Cost-per-Wear (after 8 months): $1.86

 7)      Art Deco Earrings

favourite things of 2014
J. Crew Deco Earrings

I didn’t expect much from these earrings; they cost a whopping $9 (on clearance) after all. But they quickly became my favourite work jewelry piece. They go with everything. Every. Thing. Trust me.

 Cost-per-Wear (after approx. 5 months): $0.38

And 7 Best Deals of the Year

 1)     Manolo Blahnik Pumps

favourite things of 2014
Manolo Blahnik Pumps

White pumps don’t scream “classic wardrobe staple” to me, but these have proven surprisingly versatile; I love pairing them with neutral (read: black) outfits.

Deal-o-meter: 9.9/10 (paid: $14/saved: approx. $736)

2)      Mulberry Fitzrovia Bag

Mulberry Fitzrovia bag

I’ve had decent luck finding good deals on eBay, but this was by far the best one: I paid around 20% of the retail price on a good-as-new designer bag made in England; the quality is evident in its “bones”, no logos required.

Deal-o-meter: 8/10 (paid: $313; saved: approx. $1,187)

3)      Valentino pumps

favourite things of 2014
Valentino Half Bow Pumps

Sometimes, a woman wants to feel like a princess … for under $50. If you shop consignment (and you should!), this is entirely possible.

Deal-o-meter: 9/10 (paid: $57; saved: approx. $643)

4)      Moschino Dress

favourite things of 2014
Moschino Dress

This dress makes me ridiculously happy every time I wear it. The print is just … me. And I found it on the Winners clearance rack, which has been a magical thing this year.

Deal-o-meter: 9/10 (paid: $60; saved: approx. $440)

5)   Yoana Baraschi Blazer

favourite things of 2014
Yoana Baraschi Blazer

Speaking of magical Winners finds, this blazer is as good as they get. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it at work, and it makes me feel like I look professional without being a snooze fest.

Deal-o-meter: 9/10 (paid: $27; saved: approx. $423)

6)      Anthropologie Deletta Top/Edme & Essylte Skirt

favourite things of 2014
Anthro/Edme & Essylte skirt
favourite things of 2014
Anthropologie/Deletta Top

Ok, I know: I’m cheating. But I found both of these pieces at Value Village, and paid less than $15 in total. Let’s call it a tie. I love these both so, so much.

Deal-o-meter: 9/10 (paid: $14; saved: approx. $201)

7) Frye Melissa Boots

favourite things of 2014
Frye Melissa Boots

Late entry on the list, but so worth the wait. The distressed finish is a little kooky, but fits with my everything-goes (with a side-of-boho) weekend style.

Deal-o-meter: 8.5/10 (paid: $55; saved: approx. $395)

And there you have it: 14(ish) of my favourite things in 2014. If you’re still awake, tell me yours!

11 Comments on 14 Favourite Things of 2014

  1. This is my favourite round up post of the year, largely because I love statistics 😀 I’m impressed at how quickly the cost per wear on that camel coat is coming down. I’m curious to see how it pans out by the end of the winter 🙂

    Also, I’m glad you bought that floral blazer. The print is very you 🙂

  2. How timely! I just finished crunching the numbers on my own clothing spreadsheet (nerd alert!). I haven’t calculated the cost per wear for items as I don’t always have the cost for older pieces, but I have calculated how many times I wore the item throughout the year.

    Now, I’ve always thought of myself as a person who wears patterns and colour. To my surprise, my most worn items in my closet were generally black, grey, and white with no patterns! Even the few colourful items that popped in were solids. While there is a little more pattern and colour to my shoes, they also ended up being more solids as well.

    With respect to what I wore, it’s no surprise that pants were at the top of the list. I also like my skinny jeans and I wear my dark blue ones at least once a week. I wore my ankle length black pants nearly as much, so those are the two stars of my closet, with my dark grey pants coming in a close third. Keeping a spreadsheet also helped me get rid of a lot of pieces that I like but never wear – or provide me motivation to wear them so I can justify keeping them around!

    Anyway, the nerd in me loves these clothing stat posts, so keep them coming in 2015!

    • LOL! Thanks 🙂
      It makes sense that neutrals and basics would be the most-worn: they’re the foundation of all outfits. I’m sure my analytics would tell a similar tale (and you can see it a little bit from my 7 most practical pieces). I agree on keeping track of wardrobe usage: it’s been very helpful to me as well.

  3. Thanks to finding your blog and reading all about how consignment shopping is THE way to go, I gave it a whirl and have found some ah-mazing steals! Wishing you the happiest new year!

  4. The BR Sloan pants are my favorite too. They’re just so perfect.

    And can we talk about that killer blazer you scored for a song?! Well done! I’m so jealous of all of your incredible finds. I really need to frequent thrift and consignment stores more often!