There are some things about the end of the year that I don’t like. New Year’s Eve. New Year’s resolutions. Dreading January. But there are some things I do like. For one thing, it’s the perfect time to make lists. I love making lists. I hope you guys enjoy reading them, because this week, BCRL is all lists, all the time. (And, if not, I hope you’ll be back in 2015!)

First up: favourite OOTDs of 2014. This is aims to be a style blog after all.

2014 favourite outfits
coats ‘n layers

So, I guess I did a lot of layering this year. It’s fun. Cute coats are also fun. This was news to no one but yours truly.

2014 was also The Year I Started Wearing Shorts. Again. (It’s been a couple of decades.) All thanks go to J. Crew 5-inch shorts, which gave me the courage to bare a few (but psychologically potent) inches of upper leg.

(Also: it was a real fun summer. Miss you, boo.)

2014 favourite outfits
shorts stories

Describing my style is always a struggle, because the rhyme and reason of it largely elude me. It’s a little bit (OK, a lot) girly …

2014 favourite outfits
florals, florals, everywhere

… a little bit luxe-boho …

2014 favourite outfits
summer / fall

… a little bit can’t-make-up-my-mind eclectic …

2014 favourite outfits
everything and the kitchen sink

… and it involves lots and lots of dresses. And a billionty rainbows’ worth of colour.

2014 favourite outfits
the pretties

But don’t let those outfits fool you; I also stepped up my casual game this year:

2014 favourite outfits
sweaters + blazers

And, most unexpectedly of all, discovered a minimalist streak:

minimalist ootd; 2014 ootd
the potato sack of glory & my fave cords
minimalist ootd; 2014 ootd
minimalism at work (and play)

To old readers and new: thanks for reading along this year, and see you in 2015!

16 Comments on 2014 Favourite OOTDs

  1. Love the favourite outfits – there is definitely a theme of blue and florals running throughout. Actually, there’s a florals theme running throughout the whole post!

    I’ve enjoyed following your style journey this year and I’m looking forward to seeing where you go in 2015!

  2. Best blog I found all year! Love the books and fashion mix. Keep up the good work in 2015. Looking forward to seeing how your style evolves.

  3. i’ve been reading your blog for a few months but i don’t think i’ve ever commented. i’m a week away from turning 32 and definitely share your feeling of wanting to dress more professionally at work. HOWEVER, i think you already have a really awesome style and i think you should listen to your gut. you do a really great job mixing floral, girly pieces with more subdued classic colors and shapes. i would hate to see you in nothing but greyscale business clothing!

  4. loved this review. I don’t know how to say this properly, but I really think your blog deserves so much more attention in the blog world – your voice is true, your clothes are cute, and you’re super kind on top of it all. happy new year!

    • Your support means so much to me, truly. You’re one of the best damn style bloggers out there, and one of the few I’d love to have drink with. Thank you for being so generous and all-around awesome. Hope you have an amazing year!

  5. You had some great outfits this year! I’m amazed by the variety of outfits you put together. You use a lot of the same items throughout, but it seems like you never wear the same outfit twice! It’s definitely a kick in the pants to use my own wardrobe more effectively.

    I’m still in love with that multi-colour shirt dress too 😀

    • I’ve made a concerted effort this year to not duplicate outfits for the blog, but I tell ya: I’m running out of steam. It’s actually something that’s been on my mind lately, blog-wise. I’ll have to drastically reduce my posting frequency, because I’m running out of “new” outfits, and I don’t want to buy ever more and more clothes just to feed the blog. In fact, I want to buy fewer clothes and wear more and more “uniform” outfits. I guess we’ll have to see if 2015 is the year that the blog dies a slow death, lol!

  6. That J. Crew coat, all the floral dress outfits and shirtdress outfits are my favourite.. And the minimalist-y ones too.

    I’ve been moving towards a more minimalist wardrobe in terms of colour (neutrals). Something about the austerity appeals to me.. then I go wild and want something in a ridiculous colour.

    I always look forward to all of your posts. You make me want to put my own outfits on the blog but it is so freakin’ time consuming and I’d need someone to take pictures of me each day.. ugh.

    • You should!! I would stalk your blog then even more than I do now. If that’s not an incentive, I don’t know what is 😉 #notacreep