Elie Tahari Linda blazer; subtle floral print for office
Top, RACHEL Rachel Roy (via consignment); blazer, Elie Tahari; pants, Banana Republic; belt, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Calvin Klein

Two words you’d never thought you’d see together on BCRL?

Tiffany Paloma necklace
Tiffany necklace

You guys, I’m getting really committed to this whole “New Look” thing. I’m not sure if I’m quite at the point where I’m nailing it on a regular basis, but I feel good about the trying part. And I haven’t bored myself, just yet. [YMMV, of course.] Adding little “Adina touches” (like this favourite floral print) to classic, neutral-based outfits helps a lot. Am I the very picture of a grown-up? Getting warmer.

Elie Tahari Linda blazer; subtle floral print for office
grown-up floral?

6 Comments on Subtle Floral

  1. I love the new office look – you are doing a great job of integrating a focal piece into your neutrals. Enough to make it interesting/you stand out. I’m a little indecisive on the white print suit you wore. It is a great outfit but I wouldn’t wear it very often. Too noticeable if that makes sense!

    • Thanks! I’m stoked that you guys are liking the new look too – otherwise my blogging days would be numbered, hehe.
      The white suit is definitely a standout, wear-twice-a-year type of piece; normally, that would be one more reason to get rid of it, but as I said, I keep holding on to it for various, non-pragmatic reasons. Luckily, it doesn’t take up too much room 😉

  2. You have been really killing it with blazers right now – where do you get all of those great finds? The look is grown-up, but modern, with touches of your own style. Keep it up – I’m not bored!

    • Thanks! I found a couple of blazers at Winners (clearance section, natch!), and the rest are J. Crew (mostly consignment – check out Red Pony, they always have almost-brand new J. Crew pieces). I still think that nothing beats cardigans for comfort factor, but I have to admit that blazers look more professional. I’ve been lucky to find some good ones in the last 6 months. Now, if only I could find more dress pants!