MaxMara coat, chambray shirt casual
Shirt, Old Navy; pants, American Eagle; scarf, Target; coat, MaxMara; boots, Josef Seibel; bag, MbMJ

Is that still a thing? But this is basically the opposite of a fashion statement. This is me on a weekend when everything – and I mean everydamnthing – went sideways, and by the time I finally escaped the madhouse that was Casa J for a quick Costco run (from the fire into the pan, so to speak), I just could not be bothered. With life. Much less my outfit.

Evidently, I decided this was worth sharing with you, because … because … I guess a little reality in style blogging never hurt. Right? Ahem. Righty-o.

MaxMara coat, chambray shirt casual
holy overexposed photo, Batman!

I have no idea why I’m practically fluorescent in these photos, but let’s blame the new iPhone camera; still working out its kinks. Please rest assured that my hair remains a colour that is, at least on occasion, seen in nature and not … whatever that is. With that totally random segue, let’s talk about how bomb awesome my camel coat is. Again. I know, but, you guys, it’s so good! It looks professional with my office wear, and pretty cool with my casual gear. If I wasn’t worried about subjecting it to the kids (and their sticky hands and dirty boots), I’d be wearing All. The. Time. As it is, it’s getting a lot of mileage; for the wardrobe analytics fans out there (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? – n.b. What? I’m old!), the cost-per-wear is already down to $4.82, less than 6 months in. But, more importantly, it makes my dressing choices – even on the worst days – easy peasy. Now, that is priceless, my friends.

MaxMara coat, chambray shirt casual
atomic ginger

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