Anthropologie Pilcro floral jeans
Vest, Old Navy; sweater, J. Crew Factory; jeans, Anthropologie; boots, Josef Seibel; necklaces, Tiffany & J. Crew

Only in Edmonton. Seriously, this happened in one night, two days after the start of “official” spring:

Anthropologie Pilcro floral jeans

I had been planning to wear this outfit with cute pink flats (and sans vest), but them’s the breaks. As it is, I’m not sure if the cut of these jeans goes with my moto boots, but I was fresh out of options. The reality is that the pants are now one size (or 2?) too big, but I’m just not ready to let them go; so I’m hoping to wear them as boyfriend jeans, which I hope is just a fancy marketing term for “loose”. What say you?

Anthropologie Pilcro floral jeans
yep, that IS snow *looks again* still snow

8 Comments on This Is Spring

    • Nah, they’re not worth what the alterations would cost me. I’ll either wear them as is, if I decide they look ok with flats, or just let them go. Oh, or third option: put them away in case I gain the weight back, haha!

  1. Until a few weeks ago 100% of my pants were loose/saggy/too big/”boyfriend style”/etc, so I might not be the best source here. It didn’t even cross my mind that your pants might be too baggy. If you like how you feel, keep ’em!

  2. The jeans are cute, but it might be time for some new ones that fit better. We’re a few days into autumn and it’s 24C and sunny here today – a perfect autumn day.