Rachel Roy floral pansy dress
Dress, RACHEL Rachel Roy (via eBay); belt, H&M; cardigan, J. Crew; shoes, Zara

Eagle-eyed readers will recognize this print: I have 3 versions of it in my closet. What can I say, I really like it. This dress is ever so slightly too girly for my current tastes, but I still enjoy wearing it. And if I’m gonna go that route, I might as well double down on the twee factor, with the blush pink and the ruffles and the sparkly shoes – everything but the belt, which is a little bit badasss. Just a smidge. Still, this is definitely more Taylor than Rihanna. I’m okay with that. (I’m also OK with admitting that, as an almost 35-year old, the first album I bought in 5 years was 1989. And you better believe I’m blasting it on my commute every day.)

If my hair situation was not a dead giveaway, let me tell you: this was a windy day. I wore a coat, because I’m occasionally practical like that, but didn’t manage to get a single decent photo of it.

Rachel Roy floral pansy dress
coat, Winners

Did I mention this dress has pockets? Did I also mention my sparkly shoes? Well, here’s a close-up you didn’t ask for:

Rachel Roy floral pansy dress

Did I mention it was windy? You know the drill.

Rachel Roy floral pansy dress

12 Comments on April Flowers

  1. I really like this dress/cardigan combo. Something about the high neck ruffles makes it more DRAMA and not too twee? Also that cardigan makes me miss old j crew.

    • Yes, I love this cardigan – I have it in 3 (or 4?) colours, and the quality is top notch. Even though I don’t wear cardigans as often as before, I have a hard time letting go of these ones because they seem to be so much better than what J. Crew is putting out nowaways. I think these are from 2010-ish? I bought all of mine on eBay or consignment.

  2. I love this outfit. I’m just a girly girl at heart – I just love the ruffles and femininity. Sometimes it’s nice to not worry about it and just be a girl. I also have been listening to Taylor Swift non-stop on Youtube. πŸ™‚

  3. It’s funny how pockets can make a dress that much better, I never actually put anything in my pockets but I’m always really excited when I find a dress/skirt that has then! I really love the braid/bun you have going on, it’s really pretty!

    • Thanks! I’m trying to think back … I think this was just a bun, held up with those spiral bobby pin thingies people recommended on a previous post. The wind is just messing with it πŸ˜‰

      I feel the same way about pockets – they’re not super functional, but I like the option of having something to do with my hands other than fidgeting, LOL!

  4. I love this dress! Even if it is a girly floral print, if you can’t wear a girly floral print on Easter than when can you?

  5. Love your dress! And the unexpected combination with the cardigan is so great as well! I probably would have chosen a black cardigan or would’ve tried to match the base color of the dress, witch would be ok but boring. Your choice makes the outfit so much more special!

    • Thanks! I often default to black as well, but it’s worth resisting the impulse from time to time. Black can sometimes overwhelm an outfit. This print has some hints of pink in it, so I pulled out that colour instead. I always go back to the print itself, LOL!