YSL Muse Two Tricolour bag; J. Crew hothouse floral
Top, belt & shoes, J. Crew; pants, Banana Republic; necklace, Winners; bag, YSL (via eBay)

I thought this was a nice little outfit, although there isn’t much credit to be had. It’s hard to screw up the patterned top + pants combo, you know? Especially when the top in that equation is this pretty. Love, love, love the colours, and the subtle floral print. If I need to get a little more serious, quickly, I can just throw on a blazer. Like so:

YSL Muse Two Tricolour bag; J. Crew hothouse floral
blazer, Theory (via consignment)

Do I look sassy here or what? I must have been in a good mood … and I can probably tell you why. Exhibit #1, my new bag baby:

YSL Muse Two Tricolour bag; J. Crew hothouse floral
check out mah bag!

She arrived 2 weeks ago from Japan, and I adore her. I have a post all about that saga coming up, so consider yourselves warned. Exhibit #2, my new Tai bracelet:

YSL Muse Two Tricolour bag; J. Crew hothouse floral
Bracelet, Tai (via Simons)

Last, but never ever least, Exhibit #3: a Good Hair Day, which is the best accessory of all. OK, that was basically a perfect day, sartorially speaking. I wish I could find the lesson to be learned here (so I could replicate the results) but I’m drawing a blank. Buy all the bags? Have a blow-out specialist on call? Tell me the secret, universe!

YSL Muse Two Tricolour bag; J. Crew hothouse floral
oh, to have hair like this every day!
YSL Muse Two Tricolour bag; J. Crew hothouse floral

20 Comments on Everything Coming Up Floral

  1. Agree that the colours in that top are beautiful and your hair looks perfect, but what I’d like to know more about is the nails!

    • Thanks! My nails are gel; I’ve been getting them for years because I bite my nails, and this is an easy way to keep my hands looking presentable. I call this an “inverse French manicure” – it looks subtle, and it helps conceal re-growth when I have coloured gel (not gel polish) on my nails.

  2. First – great outfit – love it! But the handbag – OMG – it looks amazing! Details soon please (for us handbag junkies!). And you are a nail biter? How do the gels help because I am a biter.

    • Yes! I still occasionally bite my cuticles, but I don’t bite my nails anymore. Having the layer of gel on top of my nails makes them too hard to bite, basically. Plus, they don’t break anymore (unless I have a major accident) so I’m not tempted to pick at them, you know?

  3. I am so envious of your bag find! I have coveted the Muse 2 for years. You look amazing and your hair is indeed perfection.

    • OMG, I wanted that bag for years and years! It was the first real designer bag I ever coveted, right when it came out. I lucked out with a great deal from a Japanese eBay seller. More details to come 🙂

    • Thanks, Loretta! I hope you like the one tomorrow too … would that make it a home run? 😉

      (p.s. in case it wasn’t obvious, I know nothing about baseball. I should really avoid sports metaphors.)

  4. Forever new bags and a personal stylist for blowouts? What an expensive lesson to learn 😉 You look great and I’m happy to see a new baby on your arm! I know how much you love a great bag (and at a steal!)

    • I know, right? LOL! I wish *sigh*

      I haven’t had a new “baby” in a while, and this one made me remember how much I love a beautiful bag. Which is always dangerous for my wallet, heh …

  5. Such a cute outfit!

    I’m coming out of never-commenting-land to say that I just recently found your blog while searching for professional wardrobe tips. I love your sense of humor and your analysis of what does and doesn’t work in each outfit is so helpful!