I know, I know. I have already gushed about the Rimmel Color Rush crayons to a sickening degree – not again! But, you guys, these are so, so good. I almost never get any reader emails, but on the rare occasions that I do, they are almost without fail asking about the lipstick that I wear. That’s how good these crayons are. And cheap. And just all around awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I recently bought pretty much the entire collection. I don’t often buy make-up anymore, but when I do, I go all out. (Also, Shoppers had a major sale and they were 2 for $6. I mean, I couldn’t not buy every single colour.)

So, got a minute for some quick swatches?

First up, Drive Me Nude:

Rimmel Color Rush Drive Me Nude
Rimmel Color Rush Drive Me Nude

I’ll be honest: this one was a bit of a disappointment. The colour is very sheer, and doesn’t do much for my complexion. It’s actually more mocha-leaning than it looks in the picture – the pink is my natural lip colour showing through. It’s not for me, but if you have less rosy undertones to your skin, this could be a nice “no make-up” lip colour.

Next, my all time favourite, Not An Illusion. You’ve seen this one on the blog before, but let’s look at it again for comparison:

Rimmel Color Rush Not An Illusion
Rimmel Color Rush Not An Illusion

This is a perfect office lipstick: natural looking, but with enough pigment to liven up even the pastiest of complexions (ahem). One of my favourite things about the Color Rush crayons is how ridiculously easy they apply – a really good thing, since precision is not my forte. They go on smoothly and don’t dry out the lips at all. I’ve tried the similar Revlon crayons everyone seems to love, and found them much more chalky and drying. The Rimmel ones are almost like a balm, but with the pigment intensity of lipstick; they’re the closest thing I’ve found to the Clinique Chubby Sticks, for a fraction of the price.

On to another long-time favourite, Lady Marmalade:

Rimmel Color Rush Lady Marmalade
Rimmel Color Rush Lady Marmalade

This one looks quite orange in its packaging, but it looks lovely on the lips: bright and cheery. I wore it all the time last summer.

Next, my new favourite red lipstick, The Redder The Better:

Rimmel Color Rush The Redder the Better
Rimmel Color Rush The Redder the Better

I raved about this one not that long ago, so I’ll just say: try it if you need an easy-to-apply red with plenty of staying power.

Boom Chic A Boom:

Rimmel Color Rush Boom Chic A Boom
Rimmel Color Rush Boom Chic A Boom

Bright pink lipstick (a dupe for Nars Schiap, I’m sure) is possibly not the most flattering shade on a pale redhead, but this is such a fun shade nonetheless. Like the other Color Rush shades (except Drive Me Nude), it has amazing pigmentation and staying power. I would say that it’s more pink in real life than in these photos.

Now, the last two colours, Rumor Has It and Viva Violet, are – to my eyes at least – almost indistinguishable from Boom Chic A Boom. See?

Rimmel Color Rush Rumour Has It
Rimmel Color Rush Rumour Has It
Rimmel Color Rush Viva Violet
Rimmel Color Rush Viva Violet

If I had to guess, I’d say that Rumour Has It is slightly warmer toned than Boom Chic A Boom, and Viva Violet is slightly darker/more purple-leaning … but, honestly, the differences are almost imperceptible, at least on me. I definitely would not buy all three again; of the 3, I think I’d buy Rumour Has It again if I wanted a bright pink lipstick. I’ll probably stick to Not An Illusion, Lady Marmalade and Redder The Better, though.

If you’ve already tried the Rimmel Color Rush crayons, which one is your favourite? And if you’ve got some other go-to beauty products, share them in the comments!

37 Comments on My Obsession: Rimmel Color Rush Lip Crayon Swatches

  1. I will have to get to Shoppers now to try those out! I couldn’t make it to MAC one day and bought a lipstick from GOSH at Shoppers. Not sure if it’s their own brand? But I love it! The sweetheart colour is now my go to!

    • I think Gosh is its own brand, but only carried at Shoppers? I’ve only ever tried the nail polishes, to be honest. But I love finding new drugstore faves!

  2. I’ve been looking for something like this — I need something that will help keep my lips moisturized and I am so sick of lip gloss! Apart from being a staple of my teenage years, my biggest complaint about it is the way it catches my hair. The way you describe these crayons, they don’t sound like they would; do you ever have trouble with that?

    • No, I don’t think so. They have a bit of a sheen to them, but they don’t feel sticky (like lipglosses) at all. More like a balm, really. I’m not sure if they’re truly moisturizing, per se, but they don’t dry out the lips at all.

  3. I always feel so awkward with lipstick on! Maybe I’ve never been able to find the right shade for me. You look great in every single colour!!

    • Thanks! I would really give Not An Illusion a try – I find it very, very natural looking on pale complexions. And if the Rimmel crayons are too pigmented, you could try the Sheer Chubby Sticks – the colours are less intense (more like a balm). Although, those are triple the price …

  4. You got me hooked on rimmel! Aftef a while, the wordings rubbed off on the tube and I cannot remember the names… It is defintely smooth with staying power and the price is goooooodddddd

  5. Thanks for sharing! I also prefer all those chubby stick dupes that are a mix of a balm and a lipstick, they’re just so comfortable.
    If you’re willing to write another beauty post I would love to read about your hair cut and color. I think it’s so hard to find something that is business appropriate yet individual. How did you find a style that’s perfect for you?

    • These are definitely worth trying!

      I’m not sure I have a lot to say about hair, to be honest. I don’t colour my hair anymore, and I haven’t had a cut in over a year (I’m trying to grow mine out, but I’m overdue for a trim). I’m actually trying to figure out what to do with my hair now too. Generally, I think the haircut is where there is a lot more leeway for individual preferences in the workplace. I have never had coloured highlights (think purple or pink, etc.), but otherwise I’ve tried a lot of different hairstyles in the past, and never had any issues at work.

      What are you struggling with, hairstyle-wise? Do you have a good stylist that you trust? They may be able to help you figure out what styles look best with your face shape, features, hair type, etc. and you can go from there based on personal preferences, lifestyle needs, etc.

      • It’s your natural hair color?! Wow, I never would have guessed, now I’m a bit jealous πŸ˜‰
        My natural hair color is a medium ash blond, which I neither like nor does it flatter me. I’ve colored it in a golden blond shade, a bit lighter than my natural hair color. I think it lookes good on me, but my friends tell me that I look girly and incompetend with it. I also think that (light) blond women are often assumed to be less intelligent, so I think the hair color is bad for my career.
        My hair stylist is good in knowing what’s in fashion and what looks best for one’s type. We both agree that I look better with a hair color a little bit warmer than my natural one, since my skin has yellow undertones. But maybe he’s not conservative enough to help me find a look that’s good for my career.
        That’s why I’m looking for a new color at the moment. It’s difficult to find the right shade because they often either seem boring (e.g. my natural hair color) or not business appropirate (light blond, red, etc.). Probably it depends on the exact shade, maybe there’s a nice brown for me? Does anyone have an idea where to look for inspiration?

        • I disagree with your friends about blonde hair. If you are a smart, competent, confident woman, your hair colour will not change that, nor will it make others think less of you. If you’re concerned with blonde being perceived as too flighty, then I’d go with a very modern, angular cut (like an angled bob or “lob” aka long bob) – no big waves, ringlets, nothing too cutesy and girly. Think Cate Blanchett – she commands a room, and I don’t anyone would call her “flighty”. And there are tons of examples like her; I think it’s more about the behaviour of the person (and, yes, the way they dress too) that creates/feeds the “stupid blonde” stereotype rather than the hair colour.

          Same with red hair. I am biased, obviously, but of all the things I’ve ever obsessed about in terms of my appearance being polished/professional, my hair colour has never been one. Maybe hairSTYLE, but even that isn’t a huge deal – as long as hair looks healthy and groomed, I think it’s fine. I wouldn’t wear ginormous extensions, and hugely teased hair, etc. to the office … but then again, I personally don’t think there are many occasions when those things are really called for πŸ˜‰

          I hope other readers can chime in with suggestions for where to look for inspiration, but I’m guessing Pinterest may be a good source? I would also look at some of your fave celebrities, and think about whether their look is something that could work for you AND send the messages that you want.

          • Thank you so much for your nice words!

            I agree that Cate Blanchett is a perfect example for a blond women who doesn’t support any stupid blond cliches at all. But even if you and I know that those stereotypes aren’t true, obviously some people still believe in them (like some of my friends). So I think being blond is, well, at least not very supportive…

            The difficult thing about pinterest is that I often end up either liking a hairstyle and finding it not looking formally enougth or the other way round – but I won’t give up searching! I guess I must come across a collection of business hairstyles that I like someday πŸ™‚ I like your idea to look for celebrities with a great look and the right message!

  6. I just bought three of these last week and hello! These are great! Being a fan of the Clinique Chubby Sticks, I don’t know why I didn’t try these earlier. These are more lipstick like, which is great for work, but also feel good on the lips (I haaaaate the feel of most traditional lipsticks.)
    I don’t have my stash with me, but I bought a bright pink, a bright coraly-orange, and a lovely browish pink. So far, I like them all, but the neutral one is sure to be the big winner for consistent use.

    • Yeah, I’m not a fan of most lipsticks either. I basically want the pigmentation of lipstick, but with the feel of a balm, and a little bit of sheen (though not necessarily the stickiness of gloss). These crayons – bingo!

    • Honestly? They’re not always smooth, especially in the winter. I’ve tried the e.l.f. lip scrub (ok but meh), and I use the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream as a lip balm whenever they get really bad. That’s another one of my go-to products, by the way (although I don’t use it often, but when I do, it’s gold).

      And I avoid taking close-ups when they’re not looking so great πŸ˜‰

      • I went to the store to buy me some of these color rush crayons today, and alas, my store doesn’t carry them! I’m so bummed! The amazon price hovers around $10. You found them on sale for $3 a piece!? Lucky. πŸ™‚

  7. Chubby Sticks are about the only lip colors I’ll wear. I recently tried Burt’s Bees, but they’re all either glittery or nearly colorless.

    These look pretty pigmented…are they closer to the Chubby Stick Intense than the original?

    • Yes, definitely closer to the Chubby Stick Intense – actually, probably more pigmented than those. But they apply/feel the same.

  8. I’m an Not an Illusion convert…love it! My complementary tip is Sarah Happ Lip Slip. I have super dry lips, so I need a good lip conditioner under any colour I wear. It is the only thing I’ve found that works for me! It’s expensive, but it lasts absolutely forever. You can get it at Lux Beauty on 124th St.

  9. You’ve convinced me! I think I’ll need to go to Shoppers and pick some up. Hopefully the sale is still on. I’d like something a little more coral for the summer so I’ll give the Lady Marmalade as well. My lips are pretty rosy as well, so it’s nice to see how the colours will likely work on me.

    The only makeup tip I have to share is that I like Neutrogena makeup – in particular their “Chubby sticks” and mascara. I always load up when I’m in the States. Do you have any tips on eyeshadow and blush that you like?

    • I like Lancome eyeshadows, which are pricey but last for a long time. I’d try L’Oreal shadows for a cheaper option, since they’re made by the same company. I just like the variety of Lancome colours, which you don’t typically get with drugstore brands.

      For blush, I don’t have a real go-to. I like Benefit blushes (Coralista and Dandelion), but I’m not really sure you couldn’t find something equally nice for cheaper.

  10. I love these! I’m terrified of lipstick (I always feel like a 5-year-old that’s been playing in my mum’s make-up box) and I find lip gloss far too sticky, but these look perfect. And they’re available in the UK too, hooray!

    • Just to follow up on this, I bought “Not An Illusion” at the weekend and have been wearing it daily ever since. I LOVE it! It goes on easily, its staying power is amazing – I only have to reapply once during the day, after lunch – and the colour is lovely. I have no idea how these things are only Β£5.99. I’m considering buying some brighter coloured ones this weekend – this is a VERY big deal for someone who is terrified of wearing anything on my lips whatsoever! Thank you for bringing these to my attention πŸ™‚

  11. My body chemistry is apparently weird… I bought 2 of these SO excited! The Redder than Red and a mauve colour. The red one goes on orange/coral red on me and within 10 minutes is just an icky coral colour. The mauve is perfect initially and then about 30 minutes later is a weird 80’s pink… But the texture is perfect and they are easy to put on.

    • Oh no! I’m really sad to hear that πŸ™ I actually have the mauve colour as well (I just forgot about it, LOL!) and I quite like it. Is it just the Rimmels that react this way? Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

  12. Okay, now I want all of these. Especially Not an Illusion. I love the Revlon balm stains, but dislike all the other Revlon crayon things (matte/lacquer). One think I like about the balm stains is that they seem less prone to smearing or wearing off in a weird way than most lipstick. Do these wear well to?

    • I’m struggling to explain this, but although these crayons feel like balms, they go on almost like lipstick, and wear the same. So, with the darker colours (like the red and pinks), you will get more noticeable wear on the inside part of the lip if you’re eating and drinking – same as with a lipstick. Otherwise, I haven’t noticed any strange smearing or wearing off.

  13. I can’t tell if I want all of these because the colors are actually amazing or because they look amazing on you. How did you figure out which colors worked for your complexion? Did you just buy them and hope they worked or are these specific lip crayons just very easy wearing, adaptable hues?

    • Nope, I just basically bought out the entire line. I also have 2 other colours I forgot to mention, Keep Mauving, and On Fire. Both also nice. The only ones I don’t have are a few really light colours, which I thought would look too sheer/pale for me.

      Of the ones I have, I don’t think the Drive Me Nude and the pink ones look phenomenal on me, but they’re still wearable. So, if you have pale skin within pinkish undertones, you should be good πŸ˜‰