J. Crew dutch floral sweatshirt
Dress, Old Navy; sweatshirt, J. Crew; boots, Hunter; bag, MbMJ

A couple of days ago we had Ugly Chic, and now we have Toddler Chic. Up to about the knees, this is a regular sort of outfit; from the knees down, this is pure Teddy: brightly coloured tights and (non-matching) rubber boots. It’s what happens when the weather can’t decide what season it wants to be, and I get tired of wearing jeggings to the grocery store.

J. Crew dutch floral sweatshirt
rainboots? eh, why not

So, this is a cute combo except that the chambray dress has really bunchy sleeves, and I haven’t yet found the solution to avoiding the “mutton arms” look. Part of me wants to cut off the sleeves to help the layerability (not a word, don’t care) factor, but the other part questions whether that might be a cut-your-nose-to-spite-your-face situation. We usually look for sleeves in dresses, no? For what it’s worth, roll-tab sleeves are the worst of the lot, so if any sleeves deserve the chop, it’s these ones. Still, the weather being its unpredictable self in Edmonton, who knows when a sleeve – any sleeve – will come in (wait for it) handy.

Har har.

My puns are worse than a toddler’s, that’s for sure.

J. Crew dutch floral sweatshirt
knee pop!

8 Comments on Toddler Chic

  1. I hear you about the sleeve-bunching problem! Sometimes I find it works okay if I undo the rolltab and roll the sleeves out so that they’re full length. However, if they’re just rolled up sleeves, I don’t like doing that because I can never roll them up nicely again. So no suggestions here, just commiseration.

    • Oh, I know! I can never roll up my sleeves the way they show them on models – and I’ve tried watching instructional videos and all #firstworldproblems

  2. Love your sweater! What MBMJ bag is that? I saw similar ones on Ebay and thought they would be too boxy for me but seeing in on a real person is making me change my mind.

    • This is the Aidan. I like it a lot, and don’t find it boxy. It’s a sort of dome shape, but not super structured (the leather is thick but soft, not rigid). It has an outside front pocket, which is really handy.

      I have a post scheduled for tomorrow on another one of my MbMJ bags, the Mag; another really solid choice.

      I would recommend either one of these styles.

      I also had a Teri, but found it too big and heavy, personally (for a mostly casual bag – I prefer lighter bags on weekends). I think the Faridah could be a good option if you like the hobo style, although I’ve never owned one myself.

  3. I love seeing your weekend looks! After dressing nicely all week, it can be tempting to spend the weekend in yoga pants, so I enjoy seeing how you style your clothes in a casual but still put-together way. I try to do the same, so it’s nice to see some inspiration!

    • I love dressing up on weekends, because it’s my only chance to wear certain things in my closet – especially things that are on the cutesy/twee/boho side. But I grew up in a culture where lounge wear didn’t really exist (and people always “dressed up” to leave the house), so I don’t really think about it as an extra effort, you know?