J. Crew butterfly sweater
Sweater, J. Crew (via eBay); shirt, J. Crew (via consignment); pants, Banana Republic; shoes, Calvin Klein; bag, Ferragamo (via eBay)

This is definitely on the casual side of “business casual” but it’s sufficiently professional to pass muster in my office. Although it’s a fine line, I think this falls on the professional side by virtue of being simple: just a shirt, sweater, and pants. Yes, the sweater is whimsical; but keeping the outfit uncluttered (and accessory free) makes it seem a little less “full-time blogger dressing for an imaginary office” and more “full-time actual office dweller”. Ahem.

J. crew butterfly sweater
business way casual
j/ crew butterfly sweater
paisley in small doses

Ok, here’s something you probably don’t know about me (unless you’re my mom, and you’re not my mom, because my mom doesn’t do the internet): when I was about 11, I went through an intense butterfly-collecting phase one summer. By “collecting”, I mean mostly chasing, because my “net” was an old tennis racquet and, well, you can imagine my rate of success. Mostly, I keep trying to get these little guys:


Anyway, to this day I have an obsession with butterfly prints, even though collections or actual butterflies kinda creepy me out.

J/ crew butterfly sweater
Total outfit cost: $199 (not including bag) / Retail cost: $475 (approx.) / CPW: $25.60

4 Comments on Stripes + Butterflies

  1. The button-down shirt also makes this professional, I think if you removed that out of the equation, the professionalism would be gone for sure. I really like the addition of it though, adding a pattern that isn’t really prominent works in this case. You look amazing btw! Did you do something recently?

    Roxi – http://www.persianfrenchie.blogspot.com

    • Thanks! I don’t think anything is different; just straightening my hair more often … and remembering to wear lipstick in my photos 😉