Work drove me batty this month, but April was pretty decent otherwise. That, by the way, is a good descriptor of my outfits this month as well. Maybe not quite as many slam-dunks as in March, but no train-wrecks either. This whole #adulting my wardrobe thing? I think I have the hang of it, you guys.

On to the evidence!

work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
one, two, three
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
four, five, six
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
seven, eight, nine
office capsule; work wardrobe capsule
ten, eleven, twelve
office capsule; work wardrobe capsule
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen
work wardrobe capsule; office style capsule
sixteen, seventeen, eighteen
work wardrobe capsule
nineteen, twenty

My favourite piece had to be my 3.1 Phillip Lim dress, again (and my Muse and Sofia bags, natch). I also got a lot of mileage from my Elie Tahari blazer, and my Rachel Roy floral top, and the ugly pleated pants, and … I did a lot of re-mixing this month, ok? My favourite outfits are #9, 11, and 17. Least favourite … hmm, let’s go with #4 and 16 (just felt blah).

How about you? And, since I’m throwing question your way, how about one more: would you like to see more wardrobe stats mixed in with these monthly “capsule” recaps (and if so, what kind)? Anything else you’d like to read about?

9 Comments on What I Wore: April Work Capsule

  1. Nine is ABSOLUTELY my favorite of the entire month. With that belt? It is perfect, Adina. Following close behind – 11 and 12. I SO love your style.

  2. Blue is my favorite color (to wear) so I like every single outfit and refuse to pick a least favorite. I guess I probably wouldn’t have paired nude shoes with the dress in 16 and I’m not crazy about the bag in ten if you’re going to make me be critical šŸ™‚ Favorite is definitely 4 – not only do you look great but I also want every single thing you’re wearing.

  3. My absolute favourites are 2, 7, 11 and 12.

    Wardrobe stats? My inclination is to hear $$$$ šŸ™‚ price per outfit.. but that’s a lot of work.

    I just like your outfit recaps in general even though I also stalk you on instagram

  4. I love the work capsule – it’s cohesive with the pops of blue but still diverse. Lots of pants too! The red bag adds a nice splash of colour as well. I actually don’t have a favourite – I think the whole thing works and I like all of the outfits. I would love more clothing stats and anything about how the stats influence what you wear/how you choose your outfits and how you shop.

  5. I am swooning over #9. That dress is what dreams are made of. #12 is also tugging at my heart. Print mixing and the jeweled collar? Yes, please!