Top & skirt, J. Crew (via consignment); blazer, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Jimmy Choo (via eBay); bag, YSL (via eBay)
Top & skirt, J. Crew (via consignment); blazer, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Jimmy Choo (via eBay); bag, YSL (via eBay)

I broke one of my shopping rules for this outfit, but it was totally worth it. The rule is to never buy a piece that I can’t easily mix and match to create at least 3-4 outfits with pieces already in my closet. Off the top of my head, I can think of maybe 2 outfits I can make with this skirt. Maybe. But, really, only this one counts. I love this beanstalk print top, and when I saw the matching skirt at the consignment store – new with tags for $15 – I couldn’t resist completing the set. Insta-dress, for the win!

action shot!
action shot!

In unsolicited updates news, I’m still loving my YSL Muse II. It’s probably the most versatile bag in my collection, colour and shape-wise. The functionality is still not ideal, but I’m used to it by now. I’m forever worried about damaging the soft nubuck leather, but apart from that – true love, I tell ya.

the faux dress
the faux dress

P.S. Happy (early) Canada Day, peeps!

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  1. These two pieces can really be looked at as one. It’s a dress! And a stunning one, at that. You simply have the bonus of being able to take it apart and wear the top with jeans for a more relaxed feel. Or a white tee tucked into the skirt with brown wedges? More versatile than most dresses πŸ˜‰ But, as you said, this is the only one that counts. It’s just too beautiful!

    • Thanks! I love the top and wear it a lot – not so sure about the skirt, but I love them together so … that’s what counts πŸ˜‰

  2. That’s not a dress?? You had me fooled! I love this outfit! Love love love!

    Roxi –

  3. I’m sure if you were pressed you could come up with a handful of other outfits to wear that skirt with πŸ™‚ Maybe pair it with that grey striped tank you wore with that floral anthro skirt a little while back?

  4. I didn’t even realized this was top and skirt, they blend so seamlessly! I did sorta remmember that you had a top in this print but was like, maybe it was a dress the whole time and she did some crazy tucking too wear it as a top? (I really should have kept reading and not spent so much time thinking about it.).
    The ysl bag is so pretty, it’s been
    fun watching your bag game ! I know a while back you had the Mulberry Alexa and I was wondering
    how you liked it? I’ve been saving
    for a few years now and my 30th is coming up so I’ve been thinking about finally going for it. You’re pretty much the queen of handbags so I just thought I’d ask if you thought it was a decent bag. πŸ™‚

    • I enjoyed the Alexa a lot, but I wasn’t a fan of the leather on mine. Alexas come in different leathers, and mine was the thinner, more crinkle-prone variety. I would totally get the Alexa again, in the thicker leather (sorry, can’t remember the names now). Cassie from The Minuteglass (she’s here in the comments – I think you can click on her name and it should take you to her blog) just got an Alexa for her birthday – she would also be a good person to ask.

      Ultimately, it depends on what functionality/look you’re going for. As far as quality, I have been very happy with my (thicker leather) Mulberry bags.

  5. I love this outfit! Even if the skirt is unlikely to be worn in that many other combinations, I think having both pieces to make a pseudo-dress is very nice.

  6. Great outfit! Don’t worry about the skirt’s versatility, it’s better to have one perfect outfit than several outfits that are only ok.