Currently Wishful Thinking About: Crop Tops

Topshop skirt & top
Topshop skirt & top

I know. Crop tops are a dicey proposition after a certain age (quaere: which age would that be?), and they are certainly impractical in the extreme for a professional working mom of small kids. I cannot think of a single likely situation in my current life when a crop top outfit would be appropriate. I might be inclined to say “date night”, but that usually involves a meal of some sort; my opportunities for eating a nice dinner, NOT standing over the sink, and NOT in a rush, are few and far between and I like to savour them to the fullest. Crop tops don’t strike me as particularly food-baby friendly.

But they are darn cute, aren’t they?

Currently NOT Loving: My Midlife Crisis

I have been half-jokingly telling friends anyone who will listen that I’m going through something that I can only describe as a midlife crisis. I don’t know if it’s my impending (35!) birthday, or general summertime restlessness, or work stress, or kids stress, or what, but I’ve reached a point where every-damn-thing about my life bugs me. And everything is fine. My husband is convinced that my problem is that I’ve accomplished everything on my “Life – To Do Before 40” list, and now I’m floundering for lack of new goals. He may have a point. The last time I felt such unease was right after graduation, a decade ago (holy crap!). So, in lieu of a red Lambo, I guess I better start thinking about some new goals.

On the bright side, I have really supportive and understanding friends:


Same lady earlier sent me a link to a very NSFW pic of Sebastian Stan, so she’s a keeper.

Currently Reading: The Distant Hours


I’m still making my way through GRRM’s Dreamsongs, but I managed to sneak this book in as well, whilst procrastinating on writing my own book. [New life goal: finish my decade-in-the-making book by the end of the year. Ha. Hahahaha!] I … didn’t hate it. This is the second Kate Morton book I’ve read, and the second one that was fine, but underwhelming. This one, just like The House at Riverton, struck me as Atonement-lite. The premise had a lot of potential, and reminded me a little bit of Nemesis, one of Agatha Christie’s excellent Jane Marple novels, but I wish the author had gone full-on gothic with it, instead of half-assing it. When your premise is based on two elderly twin sisters guarding a crumbling castle with lots of secrets, well … realism is just a bore, you know? Anyway, I didn’t hate it, but I also wouldn’t call this one a must-read.

Currently Obsessing Over: White Walkers!

Photo credit: HBO, Game of Thrones
Photo credit: HBO, Game of Thrones

Hello, did anything else happen on GoT last week? I mean, OK, yes, Dany and Tyrion finally met (yay!), and Arya is a budding assassin (yay!), and Sansa found out that Theon didn’t kill Rickon and Bran (yay, I guess – why is Ramsay still alive? Priorities, Sansa!). But, really, last week was all about Hardhome. Apart from the stunning visuals and excitement of the ice zombie battle itself, there were the implications to ponder. We now know so much more about the White Walkers than the books have ever told us. And Jon killed one! With Longclaw, not dragonglass. And did you see the way the chief White Walker dude (the Night’s King?) looked at Jon? I’m probably just projecting my favourite fan theories, but I could have sworn the interest went beyond “hmm, dude has a nice way with a sword”. Are the White Walkers descended from the Starks, as some people are speculating? Did the Night’s King recognize his predestined nemesis? I really want to go back and re-read all of the prophesies and “old women’s tales” that are sprinkled throughout the books (including the visions that Dany has, and the stuff about R’hullor) because I feel like the show is doing a lot of the same foreshadowing from different angles. Jeez, listen to me. Who would have thought I’d turn into a conspiracy theorist? (But seriously, share your fave GoT speculations in the comments.)

12 Comments on Weekend Shortlist

  1. You’re making me feel like I need to catch up on watching game of thrones. I’ve only watched the first season *looks down, kicks ground*

    I’ve see cropped tops done successfully layered over a longer shirt. Possibility?

    • No, see, I like the idea of the little bit of skin showing, hence why this is not really a practical choice for me. I probably should not be getting style inspiration from Taylor Swift …

      • I was going to suggest the same thing, there are some nice outfits with loose fitting crop tops layered over longer shirts or even dresses. But of coure that means no skin showing… maybe a transparend longer layer is an option?

  2. I’ve been searching for the perfect “shorter than normal but not a true crop” top to wear with higher waist or full skirts and this one is great:
    It runs large, so I would recommend sizing down in the black (had to get a size XS and I’m around 5’7″ and usually go with a size S). The gray was much more true to size and shorter (unfortunately).

    Finally, something really exciting happens on this season of G o T! The white walkers put the walking dead zombies to shame. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Me too! I only just realized that this was the EIGHTH freaking episode of the season already. Meaning … only two left *cries hot tears*

  3. I love your thoughts on game of thrones/asoiaf.. I realize I must not read closely enough or am not creative enough to come up with my own theories but I LOVE reading about them on the Internet. I’m behind on the show this season but really excited for more white walkers. Also totally agree about the different ways legends are presented in the show vs book and how that kind of gives a deeper/different perspective

    • I love being able to talk about GoT/ASOIAF with people … nobody in my offline life actually watches the show/has read the books. I have theories! ideas! opinions! and I NEED to have them known. LOL!
      So, um, thanks for letting me unburden 😉

  4. re: midlife crisis, you are not alone! I’m in the exact same place, I’ve got everything I’ve ever wanted and have been in my profession for 10 years. Not sure what’s up with this restlessness / loss of purpose but it’s got me frustrated too. I keep trying to remind myself of all the wonderful things I’ve achieved, accomplished and created but somehow the perspective isn’t working. Hope this feeling passes quickly for you.

    • I know I’m not alone, but so few people talk about it in this context, and that’s part of the frustration – feeling alone and crazy for questioning things that have gone exactly according to plan. I have been talking things over with my husband and friends, and it’s helped a lot, at least in terms of trying to get to the bottom of the reasons barrel. Working through it is the next step. Hope we both make it!

  5. Well, your style certainly isn’t suffering a mid-life cirsis! I love all your looks from the past month.

    And Game of Thrones, I could type on that all day. The White Walker episode left my husband and I with dropped jaws–we’ve had so many hints and so much foreshadowing about them, and after that scene I feel we can finally take them seriously. Have you seen the most recent episode (“Dances with Dragons”). I won’t give any spoilers in case you haven’t. but that may have been one of the hardest to watch in all 5 seasons.

    • Oh, I have watched it and I have THOUGHTS! Many, many thoughts. Stay tuned, next Weekend Shortlist 😉

      I don’t know about a mid-life crisis, but my style is definitely suffering from me being too busy to bother much with my outfits. These days, I seem to get dressed on autopilot, at least during the week. Luckily, I think this “plane” can probably land itself, but the ride is occasionally bumpy (too many metaphors? ;))

  6. Oh, the crop tops trend! I’ve been struggling with that one as well. Though I think it’s not really a question about age but rather about occasion (well, maybe in a teenager’s life there are more crop top appropriate occasions ;-).
    In summer you could wear them at the beach (or pool/lake) and if you’re not showing too much skin they’re fine for date night like you suggested. I wouldn’t wear them to dinner, but rather if you only have a drink at a bar or go to a club – yes, those occasions are rare in my life as well, that’s why I didn’t get a crop top yet…