Blazer & shirt, J. Crew; pants, Banana Republic; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; belt, Tommy Hilfiger
Blazer & shirt, J. Crew; pants, Banana Republic; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; belt, Tommy Hilfiger

Admittedly, this is not a ground-breaking outfit from a fashion perspective. It IS an outfit to remember, for me, because I wore it for a very special event: running my first hearing as lead (sole, really) counsel. Considering the somewhat meandering path of my career over the last 10 years, I’m as surprised as anyone to find myself celebrating this particular milestone … and thrilled. If I can pause here for a second and give some unsolicited advice to recent grads in all professions (but especially law), allow me to say this: hang in there. The early years are often tough and unfulfilling, and you may find yourself wondering if you made a mistake in your choice of career. And, in some cases, the answer may be “yes”. But a lot of the time, the answer that might seem right is only a reflection of the difficulties you are experiencing – and, first and foremost, of the fear of failure. Give yourself time to learn and to get better, stronger, more confident. You may be amazed at the path you end up building for yourself. A path to success.

boring black? maybe not ...
boring black? maybe not …

Back to the outfit. Since my hearing was administrative in nature, the dress code was more relaxed than it would have been in a courtroom. Hence – a pop of colour! Blue and red are my fave combo, so I thought it would be auspicious choice. I felt cool, calm and collected (and prepared!) that day, so I’d call that a win.

nervous?! naaah ... (only a little bit)
nervous?! naaah … (only a little bit)

15 Comments on An Outfit to Remember

  1. Awesome advice. I’m just 2 years out from residency and still adjusting.
    And please make a post of your purse collection. I’d love to see…. I’m in love.

    • There’s a post sitting in my drafts folder about that. It’s been sitting there for months, sadly. I just don’t know when I’ll be able to get around to it, these days. But I appreciate the suggestion – I just need to get my bloggin game in gear.

  2. Absolutely an outfit to remember! I actually like the outfit just on its own merits. Congratulations on your first role as lead council in a hearing 🙂

    • Thanks! I do think it’s a cute, everyday outfit for the office, regardless of the occasion. The occasion just made it that little bit extra 😉

  3. Congrats on your first hearing as a lead! I’ve been meaning to comment before when you’ve shown outfits with pants. You really rock those professional pant outfits! There’s something so classic, yet modern about those outfits.

    Btw, is your blazer navy or black?

    • Thank you! I actually enjoy wearing pants a lot more than I used to. I actually think it has to do with stepping up my blazer game.

      This blazer is black. I have a navy one, but it’s a different brand/style.