Blazer, J. Crew Factory; top, Simons; jeans, Paige; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; bag, Ferragamo
Blazer, J. Crew Factory; top, Simons; jeans, Paige; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; bag, Ferragamo

Having been at this style blogging game for over 5 years, I would have a very hard time picking my, say, Top 10 favourite outfits of all time. With that said, I have absolutely ZERO (all caps!) doubt that this outfit would make that list. Yeah, I love it that much – and, be warned, this post will reflect that, picture-wise.

Fundamentally, there is nothing all that special about it. The top + blazer + jeans combo is a classic dressy-casual look that’s perfect for (casual) Fridays at work, or weekend adventures that are a cut above grabbing groceries and getting the car washed. In this case, the love is in the details. I just love how this all comes together. The focal piece is, of course, the blouse. I almost never pay retail prices these days, especially not for 100% polyester, but I didn’t hesitate to do so for this Simons blouse ($40). The print is perfection, and the cut/style is actually not bad either (fabric aside). I like the V-neck, which makes it easy to wear with blazers, and the 3/4 sleeves (which you will see in a future post, I am sure) are also great – no rolling required. The blouse is slightly longer in the back than the front, which is also a nice detail.

navy, white + red
non-nautical navy, white + red
outfit love
outfit love

I really do wish the fabric was nicer (the polyester feels cheap, to be honest). I rarely say this (because I’m an inveterate bargain shopper), but I would happily have paid double for this top if it came in a better fabric. Such a shame that the manufacturer cheaped out.

weekend style on fleek
weekend style on fleek
stepping up ...
stepping up …
favourite outfit? why, yes
photo overload? why, yes

Hey, I said there would be a lot of photos, didn’t I? #sorrynotsorry But hey, before you run off, tell me: when was the last time that you fell head over heels for a piece of clothing? How did the love affair end up? Fingers crossed for a floral blouse happily ever after …

details ...
details …
OK, don't hate me - bye!
OK, don’t hate me – bye!

9 Comments on My Favourite Outfit

  1. I know this post is supposed to be all about the blouse, but for me it’s all about the blazer. You’ve basically solidified in this outfit for me that I need a lighter coloured/white blazer. I love the way it pulls everything together!

    • Seriously, light coloured blazers have been so awesome this summer. I just wish this white one wasn’t linen – it’s great for summer, but I hate how easily it wrinkles. I might actually invest in a white, non-linen, blazer one of these days …

  2. It looks GREAT. For me it’s all about the jeans and the blazer actually. .and the pointed flats.

    I will say however, that the top in polyester would bother me. It’s SO CUTE.. my goodness I love the print but I can’t wear polyester any more. It just.. no. I can’t.

    • I would say that all Factory blazers fit a little bit on the big side. I’m wear a 2 in my Factory blazers now, and I would say that I’m closer to a 4 in regular J. Crew. If, like me, you’re in between size, go with the smaller of the two.

      I love the cut of most Factory blazers, including this one, but I would add a caveat about this specific one. It’s linen and it wrinkles like a mo-fo. That doesn’t bother me too much considering I paid something like $25 for it, and it’s a bit of a throwaway piece for summer (I know that sounds terrible, but basically I don’t expect to get a huge amount of wear from it, year-round). Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. Their regular blazers are nice, though, so I would def recommend looking at them if you’re in the market for one. They do tend to be a bit on the long side, so I think they work best with skirts and pants, rather than dresses.

  3. I have that blouse in another print I think, and I feel exactly the same way about it! Love the outfit too…that is really close to how I wish I looked when I’m out and about (instead of tired and covered in kid-related accoutrements and shapeless knits).

    • Gosh, I remember that first year, and I feel your pain. But it does get better! I promise! You will reunite with the rest of your closet 😉