In lieu of doing an AMA post (which, on further reflection, is probably both unnecessary and a not so great proposition), I thought I’d borrow an idea from my favourite magazine, Vanity Fair, and work through a few questionnaires. First up, the “My Stuff” questionnaire – which appears intended to explore the minutiae of famous people’s daily lives. I have no claim to fame that would add any merit to my answers, but if you’re as nosy as I am about the stuff other people like and buy, then you might enjoy this post anyway. If not, I apologize and offer you this photo of Idris Elba as consolation.


Alright, for those of you still with me, on to the questionnaire. I don’t know if the questions in Vanity Fair are always the same or not, but I took this set from the October issue. They are helpfully divided by subject, so feel free to skip at your leisure. Without further ado:

Tech Stuff

Favourite gadget: I hate all of them … wait, does my iPhone count?
TV shows you binge watch: Game of Thrones (and by binge-watch, I mean wait the agonizing week in between each episode, and the 10 months between seasons)
Go-to website: Lainey Gossip
Song in your head: currently, Downtown by Macklemore
Recent Google search: “who is singer in Macklemore Downtown video”
Are you on IG/Twitter: this is a silly question
Car: Subaru – I live in Siberian suburbia, this one checks off all the boxes
Wristwatch: don’t wear one


Jeans: Rachel Roy skinny jeans
Undergarments: GAP bras, Joe Fresh & Hanky Panky bottoms
T-shirt: Old Navy
Day bag: I rotate but currently my go-to is the Gucci Britt tote
Favourite accessory: jewelry from my husband
Favourite designer: Alexander McQueen – the person and the artist
Shopping mecca: Winners; Value Village
Boots: Frye
Flats: vintage Ferragamo
Sneakers: hah!


Favourite scent: rain, fresh baked bread, freesias
Favourite discovery: reading, as a child
Who inspires you: People who are kind, patient and fearless
Necessary extravagance: books and bags
Favourite place in the world: Tuscany
Favourite charity: SPCA
Favourite movie: Couldn’t begin to narrow it down, but I will always watch Goodfellas and Clueless when they come on TV
Favourite hotel: This is a famous person question I don’t really feel qualified to answer
Favourite colours: azure, cobalt and cornflower (so, that would be “blue” and “blue” with a side of “blue”)
Fashion idol: Tilda Swinton


Where do you live: North of the Wall (hush, it’s true)
Favourite in house art: Grandma’s Warhol … just kidding … cartoon portrait of my husband and me, drawn by my husband
Sheets: IKEA – much fanΓ§ay
Luggage: Winners (aka TJMaxx), from last century
China: Bahahaha!
Stationery: Papyrus
Pet: mysterious pantry raccoon who eats all the Pringles overnight, leaving the empty can behind as a distraction
Favourite flowers: hydrangeas, orchids, roses, and purple ranunculus (basic bitch with a twist!)
Favourite neighborhood restaurant: Nomiya (sushi joint)
Favourite cocktail: tequila + 7Up, preferably on a beach in the Carribean
Favourite dessert: flourless chocolate cake, preferably right now
Snack: PopCorners (Kettle flavour)
Coffee table book: The Avengers 5-Minute Stories


Lips: Rimmel Color Rush
Mascara: L’Oreal Butterfly
Concealer: Hard Candy Glamouflage
Foundation: L’Oreal Lumi
Shampoo: whatever I find at Winners for under $10
Moisturizer: something with Retinol (per BCRL reader suggestion)
Hair product: Elnett hairspray
Soap: Ivory
Perfume: Hanae Mori (blue) Butterfly
Toothpaste: Sensodyne
Nail polish colour: currently, Chanel Riva
Who cuts your hair: Mika at Ricci Hair
Skin care specialist: Mother Nature

Next week: the Proust questionnaire. Heck yeah!


16 Comments on My Stuff: A Mostly Useless Questionnaire

  1. Ha-ha! I totally have that Macklemore song in my head all of the time. I first heard it late at night as we were driving into Saskatchewan for a wedding and wondered what in the heck was going on. Since then, I’ve looked it up and watched the video several times. It’s hilarious!

  2. This is a fun idea! And yeah, that singer from the Macklemore song is ridiculous. I had to look him up after seeing them perform on Fallon. I still don’t know if that song is supposed to be taken seriously or not. Or like, anything by Macklemore.

    • I know that some people don’t like Macklemore, but I appreciate anyone who will write a song about (a) thrifting, and (b) a moped. And incorporate some glam rock stylings into it.

  3. Love that you did this! Thank you for a glimpse into your favourite things. I’ve got to admit, knowing that you drive a Subaru makes me enjoy reading your blog even more! LOL. The only car for Canadian winters …