Top, Etro (via consignment); skirt, BCBG; shoes, Zara; hat, Aritzia
Top, Etro (via consignment); skirt, BCBG; shoes, Zara; hat, Aritzia

Last weekend, I took advantage of what looked to be one of our last sunny days of summer to wear the silk Etro tunic I “rescued” from consignment earlier this season. The truth is that it’s not a super versatile garment, and I’m not entirely sure how to make it more so, given that what I assume to be its actual function (fancy beach cover-up) is useless to me, 99% of the time. Still, let it not be said that I don’t try. I did enjoy wearing it as a top, and I kind of wish that it was. (Although, I’m sad that half of the print can’t be seen when worn as such).

Here for comparison is how it looks “untucked”:

now it's a tunic
now it’s a tunic
now it's a top!
now it’s a top!

I’ve written about my compulsion to “rescue” closet “orphans” from consignment (and thrift) stores, and it has not abated. The problem arises when, as much as I may love them, they don’t really fit my style or wardrobe needs. This tunic is a case in point. It’s not so much that it doesn’t spark joy; I just don’t get to wear it enough to justify keeping it in my closet … if the goal is to have a purely functional wardrobe, rather than a “collection”. Since you guys are also familiar with my collecting tendencies, I’m sure you can appreciate my struggle here.

the view from the back
the view from the back

12 Comments on Another Way to Tunic

  1. Great idea to wear the tunic as a top! Though I like it even better as a tunic because you can see the complete print. Even if it’s not work appropriate as a tunic, what about weekends? I think it would make an awesome fall outfit with leggings/tights, a long cardigan, and boots.

    • You’re definitely right about that, although I’d have to add a few layers because the tunic is silk and very, very lightweight. The issue is more that I have a lot of “special occasion” weekend clothes (this one falls into that category because of the silk) and not enough opportunities to wear them all regularly. So I end up feeling guilty about just keeping these clothes hanging in my closet …

    • The skirt is an old BCBG piece and it’s one of my long-time faves. I think the style is called “Stella”, and you can still occasionally find it on eBay. Um, I was looking for a friend 😉

    • For my office, yes. Otherwise, I would totally rock this with leggings (as I have in the past).

      The flats are actually fairly comfortable, though I’ve never worn them for longer than 2-3 hours at a time, and not for super long walks. I do find that my feet get easily over-heated in non-leather shoes (like these), so I don’t know that I would wear them for 10-12 hours a day at the office. (I also like to kick my shoes off under my desk, and that’s a bit more of a process with these ;))

  2. i feel your pain, and that print is too pretty to hide behind a skirt all of the time. What about wearing it with a chunky sweater and/or scarf in the winter? Could that extend its use in your closet?