Dress, Ralph Lauren (thrifted); sweater & necklace, J. Crew Factory; blazer, Talula (via Kijiji); shoes, Ivanka Trump; bag, Louis Vuitton
Dress, Ralph Lauren (thrifted); sweater & necklace, J. Crew Factory; blazer, Talula (via Kijiji); shoes, Ivanka Trump; bag, Louis Vuitton

In fact, it’s safe to say that winter is HERE.

evening commute :(
evening commute πŸ™

We got spoiled this year with a mild (for Edmonton) fall, but now that we’ve had our first proper snow, I’m already feeling the winter blues. It’s going to be a long six months *sobs*

I had a feeling it was going to be a cold day this particular morning, so I rearranged my outfit schedule for the week (what, am I the only one who has one of those?) so I could wear something with lots and lots of layers. Dress + sweater + blazer is a formula I really need to remember more often in the wintertime. It’s easy, comfy, and warm – just the ticket.

And, oh hey, look: another no-black combo. I was a little worried that the patterned bag would clash with the floral print (a bold print, at that) but I think the colour palette helped tie everything together.

close-up details
close-up details
layered ... all the layers
layered … all the layers

8 Comments on Winter Is Coming

  1. Question: do you wear nude tights? How do you pull them off without looking grannyish? Any recommendations for brands? I always wear black hose in the winter, which gets a little boring day after day…

    • Yes, I do. I wear sheer/nude nylons (or pantyhose, although I hate that term *shudder*). Basically, they look like “bare legs, but better”. I wear boots with knee-high socks on my commute because it’s VERY cold here in the winter, and the nylons offer zero protection against the elements.

      Because the nylons are sheer/nude, they don’t look grannyish at all. They’re not opaque like tights would be. Nude coloured tights would probably look terrible, LOL!

      My personal fave brands are Calvin Klein and DKNY. I like them because they offer colours that are “nude” enough for my pale skin, without being full-on white. I also find the CK ones very resistant – I can get up to a month of almost daily wear out of a pair, if I’m careful (and I wash them in the washing machine along with the rest of my laundry – but air dried). I get my nylons at Winners (TJ Maxx), and I usually pay between $6 (CK) and $12 (DKNY) a pair. I actually prefer the CKs, to be honest.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Oooooh, cute! I may have to try this formula for the cold days that are approaching; although I’ll likely swap out the nylons for tights. I love a sheer nylon myself, but I feel warmer psychologically in tights in the winter….

  3. I saw that commute picture when you stuck it on Instagram and immediately thought HOW do you drive in that?! The entire UK would grind to a halt. Do you have snow chains.

    Also +1 for nude tights, I love them and need to buy some more. I much prefer the bare leg look to black tights all winter long, gives me more shoe options too.

    • Hahaha! It happens every winter (the snow, I mean), and every year the first few days are mayhem – it’s like people forget how to drive in the snow. No snow chains, but a lot of people use winter tires (there are some brave souls who don’t, but I wouldn’t personally try it).

  4. Oh man, reading your reply above about wearing sheer or nude nylons in winter… Part of it is that, in NYC, we mainly commute via subway with a generous amount of walking time to and from the stations, but I think our winter weather is less extreme and I’m still feeling cold all winter in fleece-lined opaque black tights and boots.

    Also, I can’t even imagine driving in that level of snow!

    • We’re tough out here πŸ˜‰ Just kidding, I complain about the cold all the time. My commute is only about 30 minutes, and the train is usually warm. I get dropped off right at the station, and an underground pedway connects my end stop to my office tower, so I’m outside for all of 1 minute, max. I feel for people that have to be outside longer … and I would second the use of fleece-lined tights and even leggings. You can always take them off at the office, and still wear nylons underneath.

      Driving here in the winter is another story. There is a reason I take the train πŸ˜‰