Sweater, Judith & Charles (via consignment); skirt, Valentino (via consignment); necklace, Alexis Bittar; shoes, Prada; bag, Louis Vuitton
Sweater, Judith & Charles (via consignment); skirt, Valentino (via consignment); necklace, Alexis Bittar; shoes, Prada; bag, Louis Vuitton

Last week was rough; between a tough project at work, trying to find time to write, and some personal issues, I was just about done. By Friday, I had more or less decided to hit “pause” on the blog, just to get some breathing room. Having to work on Saturday didn’t help matters. Sunday turned out to be a great day, however – not least because I got my first (5 star!) book review on Amazon US. I was so freaking excited! I have a feeling I have one of you guys to thank for that, so – thank you! You have no idea how much it means. More to the point here, it made me realize that, as much as writing this blog can sometimes be a source of stress, it has also brought me so many opportunities to connect with some really cool people. So, here I am.

Ahem. So, the outfit. I called this “Hitchcock at the office”, because the vibe of the sweater (and skirt) reminded me of something Tippi Hedren might have worn.

beige all over
beige all over
Hitchcockian ... redhead?
Hitchcockian … redhead?
A Good Hair Day
A Good Hair Day

The sweater is by Judith & Charles, which is a brand I knew nothing about until I started seeing it at Holt’s (last year?). I think it’s Canadian, but I’m not sure. In any case, I was pretty happy to find this sweater for $20 – I love the boatneck style, and it’s an uber-soft cashmere blend. I’m also, dare I say it, becoming a fan of this oatmeal colour. My friend J., who hates beige, will not approve, I’m sure. But we can still be friends, right?

this one's for you, J ;)
this one’s for you, J 😉

8 Comments on Hitchcock at the Office

  1. Congratulations on the 5* review! You’re on my wishlist but I’m on an Amazon ban until I’ve read and deleted at least 10 books from my Kindle. I’m on number 5 so maybe by March I’ll download your book 🙂

  2. Just bought your book, sounds interesting & I’m looking forward to starting it. Fits nicely with my new years resolution to start reading for fun again 🙂

    • Yay! I can’t wait to hear what you think – I hope it doesn’t let you down. And good luck with your new year’s resolution – check back tomorrow’s post (Jan 27) as you may find it interesting 😉

  3. Hi! New reader here – found your blog through Fran and have been making my way backward through your archive. I always love finding other Canadians’ blogs. Winter fashion can be the pits sometimes.
    So glad to hear you got a 5 star review! I’ve bought your book but haven’t had a chance to read it yet (the joys of working motherhood with a toddler underfoot… sigh).

    • Hey, there! Thanks for checking out the blog 🙂 I love to hear from Canadian readers, if only so we can commiserate together about the weather.
      And I totally feel your pain (as a working mom), but I hope you will enjoy the book when you have a chance to read it. I would love to hear your thoughts!