Suit, Pink Tartan (via consignment); shoes, Ivanka Trump; bag, Mulberry (via eBay)
Suit, Pink Tartan (via consignment); shoes, Ivanka Trump; bag, Mulberry (via eBay)

I’ve had this Pink Tartan suit for years (since at least 2008), and (a) can’t part with it (because how lovely is it?) and (b) can’t wear it very often (because how memorable/impractical is it?). My solution is to wear it, like, once a year and pretend I’m Jackie O Jackie O’s secretary’s assistant. Bottom line: the suit makes me feel very fancy, hence the title. I have a sneaking suspicion that I used the same one last time I posted this outfit. Because, yes, it’s pretty much the same outfit every time. That’s the downside of the suit — not much you can do to “mix it up” (unless you separate the pieces and, eh, it loses its unique vibe). The upside? Complete outfit in one go, bam.

from all sides
looking good from all sides
mad (wo)man?
mad (wo)man?

8 Comments on Fancy Lady

  1. I think you could use them as separates, but agree it would use some of its charm.

    Also, random question and somewhat personal question – I notice you change your purse frequently (sometimes daily). How do you keep everything organized so you always have what you need?

    • I’ve gotten that question before, so it’s not random 😉 I actually only need to move my wallet and make-up bag from one purse to the other. My phone and iPad I take out at night anyway, so I just have to remember to put them into whichever bag I’m using the next morning. My other stuff (office shoes, lunch) I need to pack everyday and they usually go into my commuting tote (unless I’m using one of my massive bags).

  2. I also love this suit – it’s so lady-like! Question – what do you wear under the blazer on suits like this? Do you wear something nice in the event that you have to remove the blazer during the day, or do you just wear a cami or something so you don’t get too hot (thereby lessening the chance of having to remove the blazer)?

    • It depends! With this suit, for example, I know I won’t take the jacket off (it’s comfortable, and doesn’t get too warm) so I just wear a cami underneath — which makes it easier, because the neckline of the jacket is a bit awkward for a lot of my fancier blouses. With most blazers, I typically wear a nice blouse because I’m almost guaranteed to take off my blazer at some point — at least for lunch.

  3. I’m sure last time you wore this I said put the jacket with a black pencil skirt. Or Or Or that black Zara pouffy waffle one. It’s a lovely suit and you could definitely wear the jacket with something else and still look veh veh fancy 🙂