Jacket, Joe Fresh (thrifted); top, James Perse; skirt, Anthro (thrifted); shoes, Ivanka Trump; bag, Longchamp
Jacket, Joe Fresh (thrifted); top, James Perse; skirt, Anthro (thrifted); shoes, Ivanka Trump; bag, Longchamp

I’ve been wanting a moto-style leather jacket for a while, but never pulled the trigger — leather jackets are a pricey proposition, and I wasn’t sure how versatile one would be in my wardrobe. So when I saw this good-as-new (faux) leather jacket at Value Village for $10, I jumped. What better way to try a style I’m unsure about? The wonderful upsides of thrifting, I’m telling ya. Now that I have one of these at home to play with, I’m starting to realize that a classic moto jacket is pretty much the perfect weekend topper. You can dress it up (or, looking at it from a different perspective, toughen up a girly outfit) like this, or …

squinting in the sun
squinting in the sun
biker chic?
biker chic?

… you can do the whole casual minimalist chic thing. You basically can’t go wrong with it. And it’s a good weight for spring too. I will say that the faux leather is apt to get pretty warm on sunny days, so keep that in mind.

casual take
casual take …

For anyone wondering how I cleaned this puppy, I just followed the care instructions, and wiped down the outside with a damp cloth. The inside looked clean (no stains, smells, etc.) so I took my chances. Since this is not the sort of garment one wears close to the skin, I figured it would be OK. If anyone has other tips or suggestions from cleaning faux or real leather jackets at home, please share in the comments.

... or dressy take?
… or dressy take?

10 Comments on Leather Jacket x Two

  1. Really like how you’ve styled the leather jacket – I never think to wear mine like this!
    Also, love your blog and style.
    As an aside, I’m visiting your lovely country at the end of may (road trip from Vancouver to the Rockies. What would be your ‘must visit’s’ in Van.? – only have one full day.. also, weather for that time of yr? – stressing over what to bring!
    Many thanks! best wishes, Sandra x

    • I’m not from Vancouver, although I’ve spent a fair bit of time there, and love it. Depending on where you are staying (I assume downtown), you should definitely check out the Sea Wall from the Burrard St bridge down to English Bay and Stanley Park (Stanley Park itself is massive and worth a picnic, LOL), as well as Granville Island — take the water taxi, it’s cute. Fish & chips on Granville Island is a bit of a tradition for me & my husband.

      After that, you can either walk around downtown (check out Gastown, which has a ton of boutiques, restaurants, etc.), and down Robson Street (all the best shopping in downtown) and that area, or you can head over the bridge to Kits (West 4th Street and that area) — it’s a bit more hippie and laid back, but also has some good shopping (though more boutiques than big stores). Kitsilano beach is also nice, just a few blocks down from West 4th.

      For restaurants, check out Davie Street — there are a ton of low key but excellent restaurants of every cuisine you can imagine. If you like sushi, Vancouver is the place to go wild, but there are also a variety of other amazing places to eat.

      Weather-wise, it should be mild but probably not overly warm unless there is a heatwave. Like, maybe 15-20C? The biggest risk in Van is always rain. It generally rains a lot, so it’s a crapshoot if you’re going to get a dry day or not. Your hotel should have umbrellas to borrow, but definitely pack some shoes that can withstand rain (and lots of walking) — just in case.

      Hope this helps! And if any other BCRL readers are Vancouverites, please add your suggestions!

  2. Adina, how do you feel about J&J baby oil on leather? I tried a cleaner and my lovely expensive bag felt awful afterwards, but the petroleum oil was fine on a cheaper one. A friend uses bees wax but I suspect the biodegrability might affect the leather? I’m thinking of looking into saddle care products that horsey people use too.

    • I’m embarrassed to say that I have never conditioned my bags. *ducks head*

      You might want to check out the Purse Forum — I’m pretty sure they have threads for leather care, often times devoted to specific brands. I don’t participate in tPF anymore, but it’s still my go-to for bag-related info.

  3. I have a faux leather jacket and faux leather dress. I have washed them both in the washing machine after turning them inside out, placing into a lingerie bag, and washing in cold water on gentle. When I take it out of the washer, I blot dry with a towel and then lay flat on a drying rack. Have never had any problems with that method. I’ve also heard that you can wash and machine dry genuine leather! I’ve never tried it but there are a few tutorials available so I might have to try it on my genuine leather jacket someday…

  4. Faux leather can be washed in the washing machine. I do it all the time.

    Real leather will dry out (like any animal skin), and needs to be spot cleaned, taking to the cleaners, and/or conditioned with coconut oil (my pick).

    Do not try anything fancy with suede. Spot clean it, use an eraser for spots, a toothbrush or a nail file for more spots or certain areas OR take it to the cleaners