Blazer, J. Crew (thrifted); top, LOFT (swap); skirt, Anthro (via eBay); shoes, Ferragamo (via consignment); bag, Mulberry (via eBay)
Blazer, J. Crew (thrifted); top, LOFT (swap); skirt, Anthro (via eBay); shoes, Ferragamo (via consignment); bag, Mulberry (via eBay)

Surprise, surprise: another head-to-toe pre-loved outfit. Hey, don’t run yet! I promise I won’t beat you over the head with my usual mantras today. Let’s just look at this cute outfit, ‘kay? The skirt was an impulse-ish buy on eBay; I’ve been collecting “old” Anthro skirts lately, and this one struck my fancy while I was looking for a different one. I managed to score it for around $40 CDN (shipping included), which is a small miracle these days.

when in doubt, vogue
when in doubt, vogue

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me: I was super into philately as a kid. I think it was a popular pastime back in the Old Country in communist times, because I inherited a number of stamp collections from BOTH my mom and dad, and then added my own. I spent HOURS arranging and re-arranging them — by themes, countries, you name it. Wearing this skirt reminded me of them, so it was a nice trip down memory lane.

philately for fashion lovers
philately for fashion lovers

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  1. Hahaha. I collected stamps when I was a kid too!!! Same story – I used to spend hours organizing them. My prized collection was my butterflies!

  2. I would beg for the annual USPS collector’s stamp book every year for Christmas…until I was, mmmm, 20? I mean, cannot get much nerdier than that. I remember one year a Calvin & Hobbes stamp was released and it was like God was answering all my prayers. I don’t think I’ve ever told my husband about any of this.

    Needless to say, I adore your skirt.

    • Yay for all the philately nerds — it’s great to know there are many of us!

      I think my husband had his own collection (because, I swear, it was mandatory for kids in the former Soviet Block) but needless to say, we have never talked about it. But now that I think about it, I think it would be an awesome hobby to get my son involved with. He’s turning 5 this year, and I think he might be ready for it in a year or two.

  3. This is the one Anthro piece I have that I never see on anyone else! I wasn’t a collector of anything as a kid but I remember loving my grandma’s passport when I was really little (she was quite a traveler) and that’s what it reminds me of.

  4. Love the outfit, but love the philately angle even more! My parents and I emigrated from the former Soviet Union when I was nine, and I amassed a huge collection of stamps between ages of nine and 11 or 12. Say what you will of the Evil Empire, but Soviet stamps were gorgeous—tons of beautiful painting reproductions by 19th century Russian artists, cool engravings, and, yes, butterflies. Now I have to go dig up those old photo albums…

    Where are your parents from?

    • Totally true — all the communist countries had gorgeous stamps, like miniature works of art. I grew up in Romania until I was 12, but my family is from all over the former Soviet Block (including Russia). Which is probably why people can never guess my background, lol!

  5. I remember this cute Antho skirt from back in the day! The one I really wanted had massive playing cards on it. I can’t even really picture it properly now. Might need to Google…. It was the Pinochle Skirt! Thank you Google.

    • Not looking! Nope, definitely not looking. Do you know how many things I’ve ended up eBaying because of you, missy? TOO MANY! 😛

      Damn, that’s a cute skirt. #foiledagain