Blazer, Smythe; top, J. Crew (thrifted); jeans, William Rast (thrifted); shoes, Ivanka Trump; bag, Mulberry (via eBay)
Blazer, Smythe; top, J. Crew (thrifted); jeans, William Rast (thrifted); shoes, Ivanka Trump; bag, Mulberry (via eBay)

Last week turned into a perfect storm of splurging. The Mulberry bag I bought on eBay finally arrived (from England), the day after I spent the last of my Xmas gift card on this new Smythe blazer at Blu’s. It all felt very … decadent. The Smythe was an impulse buy, but I’m a sucker for elbow patches (and these are real leather, as are the buttons), and the fit is fantastic. This blazer was made in Canada, so I feel good about that. Assuming the quality is as good as its reputation promises, I should be wearing this piece for many years.

The Mulberry is the Audrina style, which I have been hunting for ages. I fell in love with it because of the hardware on the pocket closure, which is an unusual pin-lock style. Yeah, I’m weird about bag hardware. Anyway, it just so happened that I finally found the Audrina on eBay (it’s an older style and seems pretty rare) in this beautiful cerise colour … which I had been coveting separately. (Everyone needs a pink bag in their closet, right?) The size is bang-on for my personal preference, and the bag as a whole is very practical. Consider this a mini review, with raves all around.

Of course, the day I wore this outfit, the rain came down with a vengeance, hence these crappy office photos. But trust that this outfit was hella cute, and won me a bunch of compliments. Treating myself, indeed.

looking fly from the side ...
looking fly from the side …

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  1. I love seeing and the pop and pizzazz of your outfits. They always have that little something extra (like unusual purse hardware and elbow patches) that make them special. Great job!

    • I hate to admit I’m really uncool (duh!), but I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore apart from Game of Thrones, so I’ve never seen Parks & Rec. I know, I know. But I’ve seen lots of references/memes online and it looks really funny.