Sweater, Judith & Charles (consignment); pants, Babaton (thrifted); shoes, Vince; necklace, MaxMara; bag, MbMJ
Sweater, Judith & Charles (consignment); pants, Babaton (thrifted); shoes, Vince; necklace, MaxMara; bag, MbMJ

You can’t miss that sucker! I mean my necklace, of course. It’s huge, and rather loud, and it makes a bold statement and then some. I like it a lot with this plain-verging-on-boring outfit. I’m also a big fan of these thrifted Babaton pants; they’re cropped but slouchy as opposed to fitted/stretchy like the BR Sloans. They seem … a little more polished looking? They definitely make me look, ahem, fuller in the hip area, but I don’t mind it too much.

What I do mind is the peep-toe cutout in these Vince pumps. Ouch! I bought these because they looked cool and were a great deal, forgetting that I hate peep-toe shoes for a reason — they always seem to cut into my toes. These shoes definitely do that, plus the suede is super scuff-prone. I paid less than $30 at Winners for this pair, and I can’t imagine paying a dime more. There’s no way they can live up to regular wear … even if I can bring my toes around to the idea.

the necklace you can't miss
the necklace you can’t miss
pow! pow!
pow! pow! assaulting your eyes as we speak

4 Comments on Monster Necklace

  1. So I just discovered you by pure accident on Bloglovin’ and your genuine answers in the FAQ and About sections hooked me in.

    I noticed you wrote something about wanting to be a minimalist but failed (or something like that). Is that a recent finding?

    Sincerely, Tania

    • Hey, welcome! No, I’ve been a non-minimalist my whole life (even when I had very few possessions) … I have a collector’s mentality, so I love having things around that are meaningful to me — books and clothes being my two main obsessions.

  2. I just saw your shoes on the Off Saks Fifth Ave website for $199 (USD)! Maybe that will make you feel better about them. The peep toe of those shoes look quite larger than most peep toes I’ve seen before, maybe that’s why they hurt your feet? But I would have expected suede to be more comfortable.

    • Haha! Not really .. but it does make me think that I should look into selling mine, LOL!

      The suede is pretty stiff, not soft. I knew they were going to hurt but I had “sale goggles” on 🙁