In my last big thrifting reveal, I mentioned that one of my remaining unicorns when it comes to thrift hunting is another pair (or 2! or 3! I’m never gonna say no!) of Manolo Blahniks. Little did I know how soon such unicorn would cross my path. Behold:

Manolo Blahnik "Gisella" flats
Manolo Blahnik “Gisella” flats

OK, these are not the Campari pumps I am dying to get, but they are beautiful nonetheless. The colour is stunning, and you guys know how I feel about floral anything. I did a triple take when I saw these Gisella flats at Value Village, particularly as they are absolutely pristine. Check it:

blue suede shoes
blue suede shoes of my thrifting dreams

Thank you, person who donates barely worn Manolos! No, seriously, thank you. You made my day. And thank you to VV for not jacking up the price on these. They were marked at a reasonable $20, and with a 30% off coupon, they came in under $15. Huzzah!

13 Comments on Tales From the Thrift: Blue Suede Shoes

  1. Drool…these are beautiful! What a nice little one-horned pony to take home.
    I have to wear steel-toe shoes to work. There is no beauty in steel-toes. Therefore, I live vicariously through you 🙀

      • Yes! Presto Change-o I become a girl on the weekends! I truly enjoy your blog. What a rush it is to find a unicorn! I get a contact buzz when you do!😸

    • They are … almost. I think with a little bit of stretching/breaking in they’ll be perfect. I wore them already and they only gave me a little blister, LOL!