Dress, S-12 (thrifted); necklace, MaxMara; shoes, Valentino; clutch, Rebecca Minkoff
Dress, S-12 (thrifted); necklace, MaxMara; shoes, Valentino; clutch, Rebecca Minkoff

This dress is not complicated, per se … except that it sort of is. Here’s the thing: I can’t decide if I should keep it or let it go. I love the silhouette, and in theory it should look great on me. And it does … from some angles. From others — and you’ll have to take my word for it — it makes me look like a truck. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not tall enough to pull it off, or not curvy enough, or what. Maybe it’s the print. I don’t know.

I gave it another try, and while I liked the resulting outfit well enough, I’m still not sold on the dress. Considering the bursting-at-the-seams state of my closet, I think the answer to my dilemma is clear. Time to make like Elsa, and let it go.

pondering the philosophical implications of the midi ...
pondering the philosophical implications of the midi …
... and then VOGUE!
… and then VOGUE!

I wore this outfit to the christening of a friend’s daughter. The church where it was held was recently renovated, and I could not resist snapping a bazillion photos. How beautiful are those painted ikons on the walls?

church of St. Sava
church of St. Sava
the altar
the altar

13 Comments on The Complicated Midi

  1. If you love the print, shorten the sleeves. I have had a lifetime of dealing with huge shoulders and anything above my elbow in a 3/4 length is the most flattering.

    Try rolling it up, taking another pic and you’ll see if it works.

  2. You have so many great clothes that you feel fabulous in from any angle. Why keep something that you don’t just LOVE???? Let it go.

  3. At least from these pics the dress looks lovely on you. Also, the church looks really like the Christian Orthodox churches we have back home (Romania)

    • This is a Serbian Orthodox church, so the similarities are not accidental. It’s nowhere near as old as the churches back home, but they made it look fantastic — it definitely evokes that atmosphere.

  4. I think it looks great on you, so I’m not seeing what you’re seeing. But I agree with others about shortening the sleeves, that should overall make it less overwhelming.

    This church looks fabulous!

  5. The dress is too long by perhaps 1.5 inches. Have it hemmed to just where your calf starts to slim down.

    • You may have a point. I think I would invest the money if I loved the print more, but as it is, letting it go is probably the smart thing to do.

  6. I am petite, and have to alter most of my clothes (including petite sizes). If I were you, before deciding whether to give this beautiful dress away, I would specifically shorten the length, raising the side split proportionally. I think you will be surprised what a difference that can make in overall appearance.

    • I think if I loved the print more, I would definitely do that. But the print isn’t a wow for me, so I think I’m going to pass it on, as opposed to spend the money on alterations. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way … I’m a very fickle clothes lover 😉