Sweater, J. Crew (thrifted); jeans, Paige (thrifted); shoes, Ferragamo (thrifted); bag, MbMJ
Sweater, J. Crew (thrifted); jeans, Paige (thrifted); shoes, Ferragamo (thrifted); bag, MbMJ

I spotted this cute J. Crew sweater at Value Village and couldn’t resist it. The collar is made from the same Liberty print fabric as an old blazer of mine, and I think it provides a nice contrast to the stripes. I added my fave Ferragamo heels to round out this rather preppy casual Friday outfit.


Speaking of stripes, does anyone else find them tricky? Unless they are a certain thickness and distance apart, I find them visually discomfitting; they give me a headache if I stare at them too long. I thought this was a weird personal tic (which has been getting worse as I get older) until I heard that a friend`s mom was also sensitive to certain patterns, including stripes. It is an unfortunate sort of affliction in my case, seeing as how a love of stripes is a style blogger convention; at last count, I have only 3 striped tops in my closet, which would probably get me kicked out of the blogging sisterhood if anyone knew about it. Err, oops.

preppy chic
preppy chic

12 Comments on Floral Collar

  1. I LOVE this! I could wear this to work (sans heels, of course). The humiliation of having to wear steel toed shoes…sigh😥

  2. 1 more comment…if that sweater is giving you a headache, I’d be happy to take it off your hands 😉

  3. Same! If stripes are too narrow, they seem to be moving to me. Like a fuzzy TV. Gives me a headache. I generally don’t like strongly contrasting colors (black/white) and can handle stripes better when it’s a softer color differentiation (pale grey/white).

    • For me, they have to be either super close together (so they kind of blend in) or quite far apart (like this sweater). But, yes, otherwise I feel like I’m looking at a fuzzy TV and I get very dizzy — like motion sickness, even though I’m stationary. I haven’t noticed this with any other patterns. It seems strange, but I’m oddly relieved that I’m not the only one who experiences this.

  4. I had J Crew’s pants in that floral pattern! I didn’t know about Liberty of London before I bought them. I agree about stripes – they have to be very particular to work on me. I normally avoid them all together.

  5. Yep, I have the same issue with most stripes. I’ve heard that it’s a fairly common problem among people who have migraines (which I definitely do!), so I also don’t have many stripes in my wardrobe. But I’d take a chance on a top as cute as this one!

    • Ah, I wondered if it might be something to do with migraines! I get them infrequently and have troubles with horizontal lines too.

      I find also certain colours make me feel dizzy and sick too – certain shades of red and orange. Very strange.

    • Strangely, I don’t get migraines (at least not in the traditional sense) although I do have issues with unexplained dizzy spells and vertigo. I wonder if there is a connection there. Thanks for the info!

  6. I am the opposite of you, I have SO many striped shirt, blouses and sweaters that I have to talk myself out of buying ALL THE STRIPES!! I do love a small floral print too, so this sweater is the ultimate.

  7. Ah maybe that’s why I loved this one so much when it came up on Instagram. It’s never occured to me that you never wear stripes!

    I am rather partial to stripes it has to be said, although I tend to stick with Boden’s bretons as I prefer the size of their stripes to all others.