They tell you to “never say never”, and that is solid advice because, inevitably, “never” proves far shorter in duration than one expects. For example, in my case, “never” lasted about 5 years.

It was sometime in 2012 that I decided I would NEVER EVER get a pixie cut again. And you know what is happening on top of my head as I write this? That’s right, a pixie cut. Granted, it’s not as drastic a pixie as my last one. It’s really more of a very, very short bob … except at the back, where it sure feels like a pixie. Did I mention there is a touch of undercutting going on at the sides as well? No? Well, that’s what one gets for saying “never”.


As with all my hair decisions, this pixie cut was an entirely impulsive move. “Maybe I should get a pixie again,” I told myself one morning on the way to work, and by 10 AM that same day, I had a hair salon appointment booked. The appointment itself was not until the following morning, and I hate how life sometimes tries to make me reconsider my dubious decisions before it’s too late. Silly life! I always double down on dubious decisions. I did have a brief moment of serious doubt on the eve of my haircut (more on that in a moment), but I plunged on. As for the result … I’m pretty happy with it. A part of me wishes I had pushed myself a little further towards the “edgy” end of the spectrum; closer to, say, Michelle Williams’ do. I ended up compromising a bit, and sticking with slightly longer layers on the sides just so that, in the event of an immediate change of heart, the re-growing process could bypass the whole Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club-era Beatles phase. Depending on how I feel at my next appointment, I may ask my stylist to go a bit shorter on the (under)sides.

short hair don't care
short hair don’t care

I love long hair. I really do. I just don’t love my hair long; it’s not the right texture to be long (fine and kinda lifeless) and my hairstyling skills aren’t good enough to completely overcome that. I think I look pretty good with long hair … but I also look OK with short hair. And here’s the thing: I love a big change. Every few years, I need a big change. I stopped colouring my hair almost a decade ago, so now the only real impact-making change left within my control is, what else, a big chop. For better or worse, I’ll probably be on the “pixie-bob-lob, repeat” cycle forever. Is there also a saying, “never say forever”? I guess I’ll find out …

Blazer, DKNY (thrifted); dress, MaxMara (thrifted); shoes, Stuart Weitzman; bag, Gucci
Blazer, DKNY (thrifted); dress, MaxMara (thrifted); shoes, Stuart Weitzman; bag, Gucci

As it happens, the one thing that did have me second-guessing myself was the question of how a new haircut would affect my style. Many of the women whose pixie cuts I’ve admired in recent years tend to have a more minimalist aesthetic than I do, often with gamine leanings. Like Michelle Williams. While I admire that sort of look (and will, on occasion, pick outfits with a similar vibe), I also know that it’s not my predominant preference. Would my favourite clothes look strange with a new haircut, I wondered. I ended up finding reassurance from an unlikely source; I adore Elisa Nalin’s sartorial exuberance, but have long come to terms with the fact that I’m nowhere near cool enough to pull off a similar aesthetic. However, looking at pictures of Elisa rocking a short pixie AND lots of colourful prints was all the proof I needed that getting a pixie would not require me to embrace black, grey and white as my everyday rainbow.

Ironically, the first outfit I wore after getting my hair cut? Black, white and grey. In my defence, I had a hearing that day. Also in my defence: I did wear a bold floral. And I loved rocking my pixie.

pixie polished
pixie polished
new year, new do
new year, new do

36 Comments on The One Where I Did Something I Said I’d Never Do Again

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and never commented but seriously-your face and short hair are perfection!! It really suits you! I liked your long hair too but this is just amazing!

  2. I love your hair like this. I think it makes you look younger & a little bit more fashion forward, which I think works wonderfully well with your style. Mine is currently a little longer than this, which for me is LONG. I like it, but I also can’t wait to chop it off again in the Summer! There’s something about short hair that just always feels more “me”.

    • I long — LONG!! — to be one of those people who can roll out of bed with long hair that looks wonderfully tousled, and mermaid-like. Sadly, nature didn’t see fit to make me one, so short hair is probably my destiny. It does feel more “me”, in the sense that it’s easy and I am nothing if not lazy, haha.

  3. I love the cut. It’s elegant with an edge! I go through the same phases. I tend to go for a drastic cut when I feel like my life is a little more out of control than I’d like-haha!

  4. I too cycle through the crop, bob, lob cycle.
    i have a friend whose hair has never been shorter than her elbow in the 12 years I have known her!
    I would love to see the back of your cut, can you share a photo of that?

  5. You look as amazing as La Roux with this cut!

    Also, this internet stranger thinks that your hair looks great long and short. I wasn’t as much a fan of your most recent cut before this (not that my opinion matters) but you seem to have that enviable ability to pull off any hairstyle!

    • I will confess my uncoolness and say that I had to Google La Roux … and I wish I had those photos to take to my stylist because that haircut is da bomb. Mine is a little tamer, by comparison, but probably more appropriate for a non-rockstar 😉

  6. The new haircut is so cool!

    I’ve been wearing more or less the same haircut forever (cycling between long side-swept bangs and no bangs and sometimes getting a straight perm, sometimes not). I have absolutely zero hairstyling skills (or inclination to style my hair) so I end up being very risk-averse about making changes.

    • OK, question: what’s a straight perm? Is that like a permanent straightening? Can you still curl your hair if you get one? I ask because (as much as I have sworn off putting perm chemicals on my hair) I would LOVE to not have to straighten my hair every time I wash it. If you’ve done it, did it work and how did you find the impact on your hair? Did it dry it out?

  7. That’s pretty much my dream haircut. Sadly, I don’t have the face for it. You’re rocking it for both us!

  8. Yes, elegant with an edge…you have the perfect face for it. I love it…it ‘adapts’ to whatever look you are going for, on that particular day!

    • Yeah, it can look edgier or more classic, depending on how it’s styled. It can also look more bob-like, if I part my hair differently. I’m loving the edgier look at the moment, but it’s nice to have the versatility.

  9. Do you find it’s faster and easier to style at this length? I totally agree with you about just needing a change every once in a while. Partly b/c I don’t want to be one of those women who has the same haircut from high-school through 50+ yrs of age and reach the pt when friends and acquaintances are thinking it’s time for a makeover!

    • it’s definitely easier to manage. Even if I wear it wavy, curling it only takes half as long, and straightening it takes under 5 minutes. I think the only downside will be having to get more frequent trims. We shall see.

  10. Oh man, I’ve been growing my hair out for months now and am JUST at that awkward not-a-bob-but-not-properly-long-either phase where I either persevere and keep growing it, or say “Ah, sod it” and chop it all off again. Guess which option your awesome new cut is making me want to go for? 😀

    • I know that stage well, and it’s my least favourite. But then again, I tend to like extremes with hair. I still dream about the day I can go platinum blonde.

  11. I love it! I always admire short hair on others (I don’t think I have the neck for it, which sounds weird but I’d just my reality). This is an adorable style!

  12. The One Where? Nice Friends reference!

    I love love love your new hair! I also have a short pixie bob. My hair is ridiculously fine. I’m going in for a cut this weekend, I’m going to show my stylist your new do for inspiration. And chance of getting pics of the back and the undercutting?

    • Will try as soon as I’m back home tomorrow! The undercutting is very, very subtle — basically, it’s just slightly shorter layers on the sides.

  13. I love it! I look forward to seeing it with your future outfits, too. My once-every-12-to-18-months chop will be sometime between now and summer, and I’ll be able to use your style for inspiration even more.

  14. So, I have to know. Do you wear hose with your skirts and dresses in the winter or are those bare legs? I can’t get out of the black tights all winter long.

    • I wear nylons all the time (well, like, 95% of the time in summer, 100% of the time the rest of the year). If it’s a very cold (winter) day, I also add fleece leggings on my commute. I probably spend less than 10 minutes outside most weekdays, which means I can usually get away with nylons unless it’s minus 30 Celsius. I wear a lot of coloured shoes, so I struggle with wearing black tights.