Sweater, BR (thrifted); skirt & necklace, BR; shoes, Sam Edelman (thrifted); bag, Arcadia (via ebay)
Sweater, BR (thrifted); skirt & necklace, BR; shoes, Sam Edelman (thrifted); bag, Arcadia (via ebay)

This outfit is a slight tweak on one of my all-time faves. I subbed this blue sweater (which I suspect is Banana Republic) for the black one I have worn with skirt before, and different shoes, and … that’s it. Don’t mess with what ain’t broken. I think I’m wearing the same necklace, come to think of it. It is also one of my fave pieces, and I am sad to see it starting to tarnish. It still looks fine from a distance, but up close the gold finish is almost completely worn off in places. I’ve gotten lots of wear out of what was, originally, a $60 necklace, but it still makes me mad that, in another year or two, I’ll have to part with it; I still adore it, and I wish I’d had the foresight to buy a back-up when it was still possible to do so. Still, compared to BR jewelry I’ve purchased more recently, this one has held up well … which is frustrating in itself, and it’s the reason why I’m reluctant to invest much money in costume jewelry of the ‘fast fashion’ sort.

Does anyone have recc’s for affordable statement jewelry of good quality? I’ve been partial to Swarovski for the last few years, but I would love to hear others’ faves.

all the blues
a wave of blues
simple but dependable
simple but dependable

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  1. Go to a crafts store. Swap out the chain and tassel for under $10 in the beading and charms section. Wear for another 2 years. You can gently clean the center piece with a chamois and polish. Not exactly an answer to your question. More like a solution that will give the piece you already own more life.

    • Interesting! I am not very handy with jewelry repair, but I might have to check out my local Michael’s and see if I can find what I need (and the tools like pliers). I like the idea of mending as opposed to replacing.

  2. Beautiful outfit! I’ve been following your for a while and am always impressed with your creativity! Do you wear tights or hose with your work attire? Do you have a go to brand. I seem to go through tights and hose like water. As for costume jewelry I like J Crew. Lot of their pieces go on sale at very good prices and I’m always impressed with the quality. I’ve had the same problem with BR Jewelry and I don’t buy it anymore because of the poor quality.

  3. I LOVE your bag! Is it blue? What other name brands do you own and love…always looking to add to my collection!

  4. I like Kenneth Jay Lane for costume jewelry, the styles are stylish yet “costumey”, as opposed to just looking like replicas of fine jewelry. The quality is also good for the price of the pieces. I have had a metallic bangle shaped like a bamboo reed from KJL for over 10 years and there are no nicks or tarnishing. I bought it from ShopBop I believe.