Well, hello there.

It’s a new year, and a fresh page, so to speak. I hesitate to declare that I am back because, truthfully, I don’t know that I am. Or what I am. Am I still a blogger? There is only one thing I really missed about the blog during my absence, and that was the comment section. Instagram is a quick and easy way of connecting with people, but it isn’t the same. There are many things I didn’t miss about the blog, and those include all the extra work that goes into a 5-day-a-week posting schedule. Okay, maybe I missed the writing a little bit – some of it anyway. I have found that I actually prefer sharing outfits on IG because, honestly, there is only so much I can say about the clothes I wear on any given day. I have been doing this for nearly 8 years; there are only so many words that can be written about an average person’s outfits.

There is a part of me that wishes she could unwind the clock and choose to blog anonymously on BCRL in the first place; had I done so, it would have made this next transition much easier – the things I would love to write about at this point in my life are more personal, not necessarily tied to style. But it’s too late for that now. I have been thinking recently about what the next best compromise would be; wondering if there is a way to keep this outlet for my writing (together with this community) going in some fashion — no pun intended. Because I don’t blog for money, the field is wide open … which is both liberating but also confounding.

So I don’t have a definitive answer yet.

What I’ve decided to do for the time being is to experiment a little and see if the answer presents itself through the process. Posting a little here and there, and seeing what feels comfortable. This is harder than it sounds because I’m not the type of person who does anything by half. In fact, my tentativeness almost made me decide NOT to re-open the blog. But I am trying to be a little more flexible, and a little more open to the uncertainties of life.

2018 looks to be filled with uncertainties. For the first time in a long time, I don’t have any grand plans for the coming year. 2017 was full of significant upheavals in my life, whose trailing waves are only now starting to settle. I have no idea what is going to happen in 2018, nor do I have a clear vision of what I would like to see happen. My theme this year is persevere. (Read about last year’s theme here.) I am going to just … keep on keeping on. I will also try to enjoy the small, interstitial moments of life and take fewer things (and people) for granted.

So, back to the blog – welcome. I hope you will check in again from time to time. In the meantime, I would love to hear from you. Were you as happy as me to see the last of 2017? Have you chosen a personal theme for 2018? What’s new in your corner of the world?

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  1. I am SO happy to see you back, in whatever incarnation you choose! I love your writing AND your fashion; I was sad to see you take a break, though I do understand. I’d love to know what you are reading and watching now.

    I am inching toward retirement from teaching in just a few years, so I’m looking for my “next steps” now. Don’t know what I want to do, but I know I’m not ready to stop doing.

    • How are you feeling about that? I often think about how long I want to stick with my current career and/or if I want to plan for a “second act” at some point (perhaps even earlier than typical retirement age). I imagine it’s an exciting time but perhaps it might be scary as well (leaving behind the familiarity of something you’ve done for many years). I wish you all the best with finding and pursuing your path!

      • What a nice response! Thank you! Feeling torn, actually. I’m a high school English teacher; have been for 26 years, and I’ll only be 53 when I retire. The climate for public school teachers is so dismal now. I just can’t see myself staying longer. It is scary and exciting at the same time. My dream would be to mentor new teachers in a part-time situation, but we’ll see.

        I hope you have a lovely weekend, Adina!

  2. It’s nice to hear your voice again (read?). Whatever you choose to write, I am confident, will be interesting to read. Glad you’re in a better place now :).

  3. HI!!! I have to say, I’ve checked back to the blog so many times, and didn’t have any expectations of hearing your written voice on the page again, but today I got such a great surprise! Your outlook seems understandable, and whatever you decide, or however the blog develops – you will have your loyal readers! I love reading what you have to say.

    • Thanks, Christine! I am most excited about hopefully reconnecting with the readers and commenters I had gotten to know over the years. I feel like I know y’all, and I’ve missed you too, haha!

  4. Welcome back. Yours is the first blog to which I ever subscribed, and am happy to see a familiar notification in my email this morning. Keep on doing whatever it is that makes your heart feel good. <3

  5. I’ve always just lurked, but I need to say that I’ve missed your blog posts soo much! Thank you for being a fresh and thoughtful voice, and for putting yourself out there. I wish you all the best and would love it if you can find the right space in your life to blog! BTW, I’ve always enjoyed your beauty posts in particular (I think we’re of a similar age with similar coloring 😉)

    • Haha, thanks! I’m thinking some beauty posts will be in order since I’ve become a bit of a beauty junkie 😬 I love trying new (inexpensive) products and getting other people’s reccs, so … yep!

  6. Another voice for happy your back, even a little, in whatever form makes you happy. I just signed a contract for a year long fellowship in Vancouver starting July 1, and the few Canadian blogs I follow make me very excited!

    • Woot woot! I’m jealous – Vancouver is a great city. I hope you have a wonderful time there during your fellowship. There are Canadians/Vancouverite readers of the blog, so feel free to ask for any reccs you may need!

  7. So happy to see you back in my Feedly again! I need more Canadian writers who haven’t sold their souls to the US-advertising machine, offering giveaway after giveaway that’s closed to their fellow countrywomen.

    In my world, I half-launched my blog, though I’m not posting as often as I should and would like to. I had big plans with it for 2018 and then promptly got that flu-shot resistant supervirus and have spent all of January so far sick as all heck.

    Once I’m feeling human again, I have plans to re-discover my love of reading, learning to cook, and getting healthy. 😀

    • That sucks! My daughter got the flu late last year (even with the flu shot) so I feel your pain. Hopefully you feel better soon.

      One of the nice things about being away from the blog for a while was getting some perspective on the whole blogging thing. I realized that I’m a bad fit for the current state of blogging. I miss the “old days” which are obvi not coming back; that’s part of my struggle with figuring out where to go from here and where I can fit in in this new age. I feel like a dinosaur, lol!

      • Thank you. 🙂

        And I agree – I want to blog, but old school blogging. I don’t want a blog full of shilling and sponsored posts, I just want to talk about my day and whatever caught my interest, and that’s not where things are right now. Maybe if enough of us start going back to that we can start a “new” trend.

  8. Adina!!!! Not much to say beyond that I’ve missed you and am thrilled to see you back, in whatever capacity. And for all it’s worth, in your absence I found myself thinking more than once, “What would Adina wear?” (Or WWAW for short.) More rarely, on really good days—”Oooh, this is totally an Adina outfit.”

    I hope 2018 marks many wonderful new beginnings for you and your family.

  9. Welcome back! I was so happy to see your post appear in Feedly. I’ve missed your thoughtful words. You bring a rare depth and insightfulness to the blogosphere, and I appreciate how real you are. The truth is that I came to this blog for the fashion but I stayed for your writing, so I’m looking forward to reading whatever you write!

  10. Glad to see you writing on the internet again! Yours has long been one of my favorite blogs, and whatever direction you decide to take it, I’ll be reading along 🙂 I’m also very glad to see what this new year brings…hoping for personal and professional growth and less frustration on both fronts. Wishing you the same!

  11. I have missed your writing on your blog greatly, though I’m following along with your outfits on Instagram, and that’s been fun. I’m looking forward to whatever direction you decide to take with writing here.

    I totally relate to your response to Laurie above. Because I took a long break from reading blogs around 2009-2010 and even felt a little like a dinosaur back then, and only started reading again in 2014, I often feel out of place. (Plus, I’m a very slow adopter of new social media platforms, which compounds that feeling. I read about what’s happening with Youtube and Youtube’s policies and hear about all these other platforms where people are getting famous, and I’m completely baffled by all of it!)

    Should you be interested in exploring new blogs, some of the newer additions to my blogroll/linked blogs are very “old school” in their approach: mirror selfies or otherwise unfussy outfit photos, lots of writing that leans a bit more personal. They tend to favor a very Elizabeth Suzann-type minimalist aesthetic in their clothing, which may not appeal to everyone, but they may be worth checking out for the writing.

    • First of all, I have been so happy to see you blogging regularly again. And secondly, yes – will def check out your blog roll. I’ve been reading a lot of Money Diaries and reddit/FFA lately 🙂

  12. I was so happy to see your new post pop up today. For what it’s worth, I enjoy your outfit posts very much, but I LOVE your watching/reading posts. Quiet frankly, I just love your writing in general. You’re funny and relatable, and I’ll happily read anything you want to share.

  13. Yay!!! This is very welcome news. I’ve been following your instagram posts, but it isn’t quite the same as when your writing accompanies the outfits. 2017 was also a huge year of upheaval with me getting a new job. Some things have been good, but a lot of unexpected bad from the opportunity. I’m still trying to sort it out. I look forward to whatever direction you take the blog. I like the beauty posts, as well as the reviews and more personal posts.

    • I was in the new-job-in-2017 club as well. That was one good thing about the year, though it involved some big adjustments as well. Let’s hope for a wholly positive 2018!

      Thanks for reading!

  14. It was good to see your post today! I’ve missed your writing and authenticity. I would love to see your book and show recommendations.

    2017 was a return to a more true self – I feel like I found my place in some ways (after a trying period of working full time and completing an accelerated full-time graduate program at the same time). I am cautiously optimistic for 2018 – it will be a year of a lot of change for my family (including a move), but I am excited for changes.

    It was a pleasant surprise to see your post today, and I hope you do continue to write – in whichever way makes you feel like your most authentic self!

  15. Yay! I was so happy to see you in my feed. I’ve been lurking your insta for a fashion fix, but have missed your witty writing. Do whatever feels right to you, a little bit of fashion, beauty, books, house stuff, thrifting. Whatever you’re feeling, I’d be happy to read along.

    My word this year is renewal. My 2017 started off in the most terrible way possible, the death of my 7 year old nephew from leukemia. That put me into an absolute tailspin. I realized that I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing, so I left my work as a trademarks assistant, went back to school and am now working as a patient coordinator for a dermatology office. Not likely my forever job but it’s been a great change, lower stress, a better work/life balance, and I get to wear glorified pjs (black scrubs).

    • Oh wow, I’m sorry to hear that – what a tragedy! I hope you and your family are healing. And good luck to you this year – it sounds like you’re in a better place and looking forward to exciting new beginnings 🙂 Here’s to 2018 licking some ass!

  16. Adina! Had a happy jolt yesterday when your post popped up on my Bloglovin app. Saved it to read properly on the PC. Happy new year to you and your gorgeous family. I have missed you, my IG is all over the place and I regularly miss ALL your posts, as you might have realised when “princessdave” likes a huge number of them as the same time. Le sigh. FB drives me nuts too, I sometimes wonder why I don’t give up on all forms of social media tbh.

    Anyway 2018 huh? Where are the years going. So far this years theme seems to be ‘selfishness’. I want a marathon PB in April and it’s a selfish pursuit for sure, more running, less time with my kids, more childcare favours from the grandparents.

    So you know what I did? I signed up for a 50 mile event in May. Yep. As if I don’t have enough running to do this year we’ve thrown that in to the ring as well. I’m excited and I feel like this year I’m finally doing stuff for me after years of worrying about everyone else and putting myself last.

    People keep talking about this new confident, sassy Lou and I like her, I hope she’s here to stay 🙂

    Keep on keeping on lovely, that’s all we can do x x x

    • Is self-care selfish? Maybe, but you gotta do that before you completely run out of steam. That was me at the tail end of last year. But with the kids getting older (little miss will be starting Kindergarten in Sept, gulp!) this gives us a chance to be a little more, well, selfish again.

      Good luck with the races! You’re killing it (from what I see on IG, said in a non-creepy way I hope). I wish I had your dedication for something like that but mine runs more in the direction of chocolate and a book on the sofa, hahahah!

  17. I am so happy to see you in this space again! I hope you can figure out a balance that works for you. I’m with you on the old school blogs. Miss them! And one of the things I love about yours is definitely that it’s independent and not trying to sell me stuff. I don’t blame people for wanting/ needing some income, but it totally changes the style and content of the material. Looking forward to reading what you do next.

  18. Happy New Year. I will enjoy whatever you decide. I have loved thinking I have a friend up North. I think the blogging world is in a period of transition. When you find what you what, you will have an audience.

  19. So so so glad to hear from you.
    While you may think you have only so much to say about any given outfit, I have loved (and missed) what you did find to say. And I miss your outfits. There was always something about persisting through life and finding ways to express yourself – and I found inspiration there. I haven’t found another style blog that connected so well with me.

    Whatever you choose to do with your writing, I look forward to it. I have confidence in your creativity and heart.

    2018 for me is about letting go. 2017 came with some huge hurdles – still ongoing – hence my “letting go.” I am finding that as I let go, I create space, so thus far, it’s working for me.

    • I think letting go can be a positive thing, depending on your mindset. I’m trying to practice more of it myself. It can be liberating.

      Thank you so much for reading and looking forward to seeing you in the comments (hopefully, no pressure lol!)

  20. Yay! I checked with no hope, and bam, a post! I’m definitely happy to see 2017 go. I’m hoping 2018 brings some return to myself after years of my ‘me-ness’ being secondary….or tertiary…lol…to my small kiddos. Love the kids, but man, I’ve become one of those moms who doesn’t have a life of her own. I never imagined that would happen to me. So 2018 is going to be my year of reinvention and rediscovery. Wish me luck 😜

    • I HEAR you!! Now my kids are older, I am rediscovering the joys of guilt-free “me time”. And “us time” with my husband too. Good luck – I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for you!!

  21. Chiming in as another reader who is SO happy to see a new post! You have a gift with words and I missed your voice. I get so much from your posts – thank you!

  22. So great to hear from you again!
    Posting less often would be totally fine, no need to write five times a week if it brings you more stress than joy.

    I always enjoyed your monthly ‘what I wore’ posts most, so that would be something I would enjoy to see again. Of course only if that is something you would want to share again 🙂
    Happy you are back!

  23. Seeing a new post brought a smile to my day. My theme is also, persevere. The last year and a half was about loss, for us. Sister, aunt, doggies, father, house…I’m so tired. But, things will even out. They always do. I like the escapism the internet provides!

  24. Adina, welcome back! I’ve been checking the blog every week or so since you left just in case you decided to make a return and was so excited to see new posts today. 2017 was a very difficult year for me too, marked mostly by loss of loved ones and the most work stress I’ve ever experienced, so I can certainly empathize with you.

    However, I’m happy to report 2018 is starting off on a much brighter note, as I hope it is for you too. I am a former competitive figure skater, and after watching the excellent film I, Tonya, decided to buy tickets on a whim to the national figure skating championships earlier this month. I took the trip alone and had the absolute best time. It sounds a little melodramatic, but it truly reminded me what it feels like to be happy again. It was so energizing and exactly what I needed. So, I hope you, and anyone else who went through a tough 2017, have also found a way to inject a little extra joy into the new year.

    • I am so happy to hear that 2018 is starting off on a positive note! I think we ALL deserve a better year than last (at least it seems like everyone had struggles in 2017). As a side note: I have been dying to see I, Tonya. I never skated myself but remember watching all the big competitions as a kid growing up in the Soviet bloc.

  25. So happy to see you’re back! Count me in as another reader who enjoys your writing–I find your posts interesting, informative, and fun. Please do blog about whatever you’d like & don’t be tied to fashion only. Some of your bests posts have been about topical issues, what you’re watching, trips, and books!!

  26. So happy you are back. I really missed your posts in my Feedly! Love your fashion and your voice. Any schedule that works for you will be most welcome.

    My theme for 2018 is homeostasis or a more nuanced version of that elusive balance,

  27. Welcome back! Glad to see you!

    I do blog anonymously, and I periodically wonder about the secret-keeping aspect of it – for example, it’s a secret from my kids, because they’d certainly share with the world if they knew. (I do intend to tell them as adults, and share with them what I wrote.) There are people who know me in real life and as heebie-geebie, but it’s on a case-by-case basis. I’ve been maintaining this since 2005, so it seems to be working.

    One possibility is to start an anonymous blog, and announce its existence here, without giving a link. Anyone who would like to participate there can email you or comment, and if they’re sufficiently divorced from your real life and you feel like you can trust them, you share the link.

    An even better idea is to *hedge* the idea of an anonymous blog, solicit interest from your readers, and then never confirm nor deny the existence of the blog. Should you start the anonymous blog, you have a contact list of interested people within your BCRL community to email and share the new link.

    • Hahaha! I love how detailed this all is. I don’t think I have the wherewithal to pull this off, but I’ll keep it in mind 😉

      I’ve thought about making BCRL by subscription only, but that seemed like a hassle too. I don’t kid when I say that I’m lazy. I’ll probably just go with the flow/status quo and see how goes.

  28. Yaaaaaaay! Welcome back. I’ve missed your posts, outfits, GoT recaps, book recommendations and everything else. Please do venture into blogging about other things if that’s what you want to do. Firstly because it’s your blog and you can do whatever you damn well please 🙂 And secondly because I’d love to read them.
    Looking back, “persevere” probably should have been my word for 2017. This year I have a couple: “self-care” and “present”. As in, try to just be present in the moment and enjoy it, and stop worrying about the past/future so much!
    Looking forward to reading more BCRL in 2018 x

  29. Oh please be back for good…Without my daily BCRL reading, I’ve pretty much stopped following all blogs regularly. Your thrifting wins are #goals, but I also rely on you for good book recs! (Am currently alternating between Det. Monk and Charlotte & Thomas Pitt) I hope you find the joy that blogging brought to you again, because your little corner of the web missed you!

    • OMG! I’ve been binge reading Anne Perry as well!! I’ve been hunting the paperbacks all over the thrift stores on my town and have about half of the entire collection, haha! I like having them handy. More books stuff coming on Friday!

  30. Happy to see this! And excited to read whatever you end up posting. I’ve always particularly enjoyed your read/watch recommendations, along with your thoughts on your outfits and thrifting, but would be interested in whatever you to choose to share. I haven’t distilled it to a theme yet, but in 2018 I’d like to work on better balancing achieving some of my big picture goals and accomplishments and prioritizing some more fun in my life. Hoping great things for you in 2018!

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