The Unicorn Dress


Behold: one of my eBay unicorns. I can’t recall precisely how long I stalked this dress online, but we are talking at least 3 years. For much of that time, I was searching for the wrong (Anthro) brand, which surely did not help. More recently, it turned up for sale on a local Facebook group, and I missed out on it by mere MINUTES. Gah. But, all’s well that ends well – even though the happy ending did cost me a pretty penny. No regrets; it’s a lovely dress with lots of interesting (but not too quirky) details.

Someday, I will wear a classic little, black dress. Some day. Just not today. And probably not tomorrow either.

Cool Factor


Words can’t quite express how much I love this Marni top and how much it tickles my sartorial fancy. It’s just so very … me. It’s different without being fussy or precious. Layered over a thin turtleneck, it’s seasonally appropriate even though we are talking about linen here. I have spent the last couple of months lusting after Marni pieces on eBay, but no dice; outside of thrift stores, it ain’t happening. Sigh. Getting back to the outfit, this is a 2017 Top 5 moment for me, for sure. It received very little love on Instagram, much like the majority of my Absolute Favourite Peak Outfits, which I find oddly hilarious. I am basically an anti-style blogger. I am kinda tempted to lean into that whole vibe – like the ManRepeller for basic suburban moms.

The Old Formula


Fundamentally, this is a very boring outfit. Top, skirt, accessories, done. There is nothing particularly interesting about this silhouette, which is the sort of thing I get excited about these days. There is nothing baggy, or slouchy, or chunky, or knitted here, bah! But! I do like a well-executed monochromatic outfit, and this one is made in matchy-matchy heaven. I also appreciate the quality of this lacy Club Monaco top, and the texture play with the wool skirt. So, fine, let’s call it Peak Outfit.

Unrelated side note: I remain deeply conflicted about my bangs, and specifically about how they look with my bob, but I have to admit that they have increased the versatility of my current haircut. I think they actually look better with my hair pulled back – either like this, or in a pony tail – which means I now have way more styling options, especially for third- (and fourth-) day hair. Perhaps the dreaded curse of the Every Two Years Pixie Cut can finally be broken. A girl can only hope.

Sack of Glory, 2017 edition


Shut up, it’s amazing. Yeah, this dress makes me look like I’m gestating (I probably am, but it’s just a food baby). Yeah, it’s a glorified potato sack. But it is amazing all the same, and we’ll just have to agree to disagree if you have a different opinion. I want to wear this dress all the time. I may have worn this dress all the time over the holidays. Forget Thankgiving-dinner-eating pants; this dress doesn’t even have a waistband – it has pockets instead. A 125% improvement, if you ask me.

We are also going to have to agree to disagree about these loafer slides. They are exceptionally jolie laide, and I adore them. Insult them at your own peril. I paid a whopping $12 for them at Winners, and they will probably fall apart next week, but I will enjoy the heck out of them in the meantime.

Marni 2.0


Marni does it again. Weird proportions (is it a top? is it a tunic? who knows what, who cares) and charming-though-extraneous details (that extra-long sash thing – who knows why, who cares) are just my ticket. They may not be yours, so you will have to indulge me. I wore this outfit for my big family Xmas party and what it lacked in festive spirit, it made up in Adina Spirit.

Goodbye, 2017



I haven`t celebrated NYE for the better part of a decade; it was a last minute decision to do so last year, but it seemed fitting given everything my husband and I went through during those interminable 12 months. Celebrating the birth of a new year, surrounded by family and friends, was amazing. Also amazing? This Betsey Johnson dress. It makes me feel like a princess, and everyone should have a dress in their closet that makes them feel that way, IMO.

28 Comments on Last of the Peak Outfits, 2017: Work & Other Stuff

  1. First of all, so glad to see you back! Second, can you tell me more about Facebook clothing groups where people buy/sell/trade? I’m looking to join one. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

    • I’m only part of one, haha! It’s the Anthropologie one organized by/spun off from Effortless Anthropologie. If you search for it, it should come up. I had to ask to join but my request was approved within a day or so. I’m not sure how active it still is, and I never tried to sell on it because there were a lot of rules, but I did buy a dress (different one) at one point from a girl who lived in my city. That’s rare, though. Most members were from the US and would only ship within the US so keep that in mind depending on your location.

      I think that if you search by your favourite brand, you might be able to find clothing swap/buy groups in your general area. I’m not sure how else to go about it – hopefully other readers will have some more helpful tips 🙂

  2. Hi Adina!,
    I was thinking of you, and wondering if you and the family were doing well. This was the day before I received the post you were thinking of coming back. I am so happy to see you! Girl, I missed you.
    You look great, love the bangs, kind of an exotic/Audrey Hepburn vibe…and of course the clothes. The blue outfit, the black and white Marni top and pants, and my favorite, the Princess dress with the sequin topper. I live vicariously through you.
    I have read some other blogs while you were away (there’s a lot out there!). I missed yours, you are more down to earth maybe? I don’t know, and I don’t care, just keep on rocking your bad Anti-Style self!

  3. Love every last one of these outfits! Your style is perfect and fun and professional; I so love seeing what you put together. Adina, your hair is so pretty. Love your bangs and the versatility of your cut. I’m trying desperately to grow mine out after short hair for-ever. Just love yours so much!

    • I’m low key struggling with my hair right now, so thank you for the compliment. Trying to resist the urge to cut it off … grrrr! Why is hair so frustrating?! We need a support group for people trying to grow their hair out, haha!

  4. Thank goodness you’re back! I didn’t even realize how much I missed you until you came back! Please don’t go again you are the best thing on the internet. Love you!

  5. I am so happy that you are back posting! I missed you! Nobody else can do what you do. Love your blog so much!
    From, A Loyal Blog Lurker 🙂

  6. It’s a pure dee-light to see you back! And I love the outfits you featured. I, too, have a few fave pieces that others throw shade at and I’ve decided not to care not one whit.

  7. Welcome back! I follow you on Instagram, but prefer the blog, because of your excellent writing and in-depth comments. Please continue to tell us which items are thrifted, if it is not too much trouble. I am a thrifter, always inspired by your thrifting finds. I can’t wait for your next entry on your recent thrifting expeditions. You can summarize the missing months, maybe?

    You have the best blog on the Internet and were greatly missed.

    • Thank you for the feedback , I do appreciate it. Those posts can be pretty time consuming, to be honest. I am definitely open to talking about my thrifting, but at this point 95% of my stuff is thrifted do you can pretty much assume that anything new you see has been thrifted. I may play around with the format and focus on my favourites instead. A fair bit of stuff doesn’t end up working for me long term anyway, so it may be more interesting to talk about what does and why. Open to suggestions though!

  8. You are giving no f*cks about other people’s opinions of these outfits and I am here for it, as the kids say. Please be the Man Repeller for suburban moms (of which I am one). It brings joy.

    • Haha, deal! It’s one perk of getting older. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice to get compliments but if someone doesn’t like my outfit these days, I find it doesn’t really change how I feel about it.

  9. Welcome back! Sooo delighted to see you may post occasionally. Missed this blog tons. My personal style upon turning 40 last fall has also changed to funky silhouettes (e.g., Eileen Fisher in some of her funkier styles?!) vs. old j crew and standard office attire. Looking forward to your new posts!

  10. I am also so conflicted about the bangs topic. I cut a great fringe almost a year ago. I had literally probably 3 of the best hair days of my life, interspersed with dozens of sub-par hair days, where they just didn’t blow out quite right, or I didn’t have time to wash my hair so they were greasy, or it was so dry out that the static was the death of me…. the excuses abound. But those few magical good days make me really miss the bangs.

    • I hear you! I feel the same way about my bangs. Sometimes they are magical. Sometimes they drive me to distraction.
      Kinda dreading growing them out because bangs seem to take 10 times as long to grow haha!

      • Preach!! I initially cut mine in February, trimmed them to remain the same in March, and by April I decided to let them grow. It’s now January and although they’ve grown about four inches, that’s still not close to the amount I cut off to start with. Oy vey.

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