Hey guys, so remember when we decided these swap/sell posts were a good experiment? Do we still feel that way? I am happy to set aside one post a month for this, but only if you guys think there’s enough value in it. As a way to promote secondhand consumption, I am all for it, but I’ve got a few other outlets for promoting that mission so I am not wedded to the idea of these posts if there isn’t enough buy-in from, well, the community. So please speak up!

Alright, once more (last time?), with feeling.

Reminder of the disclaimers/ground rules.

One, while I believe in the BCRL community, I do not know each of you personally, so I cannot vouch for any person or item. Please use your best discretion, both when buying and trading. While I think this idea has great potential, its success is premised on trust and the honour system – please be fair and respectful of others. If anyone becomes aware of concerns over another poster/reader’s actions, please let me know. I do not have time to police people, but I also don’t want anyone to be using my site to rip others off, so should something of that nature happen, I will shut down these posts immediately.

Two, I would ask that people at least consider international shipping, provided the other party is willing to assume the costs. I say this as a Canadian who often feels shut out of trading sites where the members are predominantly from the US. Of course, I can’t and wouldn’t force anyone to do something they feel comfortable with, but I know there are BCRL readers all over North America (and the world), and I think it would be nice if everyone had the option to participate.

Three, please feel free to include links to specific items you are selling/seeking as long as they are not affiliate ones.

Four, please be clear about the specifics of what you are looking for and/or are offering, including payment, shipping, etc. Alternately, you can include an email address for inquiries, but please note that this would be visible to the public/anyone visiting the blog.

See you in the comments!

4 Comments on The Community Trading Post

  1. Selling! US shipping included, international shipping considered with increase in shipping cost covered by buyer. Photos available for all items – email shopchristinecloset@gmail.com

    1. Adriano Goldschmied The Legging – Super Skinny fit Jeans, GRAY color. Little to no fading – size 28 – $20

    2. Adrianna Papell Women’s 3/4 Sleeve All Over Lace Dress, Red/Black color – New with tags. Size 2. https://www.lyst.com/clothing/adrianna-papell-34-sleeve-all-over-lace-dress-blacknude/ this link shows the style – mine has a red lining instead of nude. $25

    3. Lovely by Adrianna Papell Black Lace And Gold Dress – Size 8. Very good condition. I can’t find a link to the exact dress, but it is A-line, sleeveless, black lace on top, gold tapestry type pattern on skirt. $15

    4. Madewell Rail Straight Jeans – size 28. Dark wash, very good condition. $18

  2. So glad to see you are back. I hadn’t looked for awhile, but with the horrible news from Florida weighing me down, I needed a diversion.

    No comment on the question of the day. Just thankful this space exists.

    • Yeah, it’s … I don’t really know what to say. I’ve had this feeling of helplessness and incredulity (about our current realities) for a while and it’s not looking to be going away any time soon. But we all need our “escape” places and I’m happy if this blog can provide that.

  3. I have two things I would love to sell to a good home! Photos available. Email me at creamdollop @ gmail.com.

    1. Brand-new Theory Italian Stretch Wool Split Front Dress, size 6, black. Never worn. Bought at Holt Renfrew last April for $410 Canadian. Asking for $300 Canadian. Includes shipping within Canada. Will ship elsewhere if you pay the difference.

    2. Anthropologie 3-strand necklace of medium yellow beads, including a short section of darker yellow beads. A few years old, only worn twice. Paid about $70 on sale, asking for $25 Canadian.

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