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In Wonderland 

Dress, Allison Wonderland (thrifted)
Dress, Allison Wonderland (thrifted)
I know I am by no means unique in this, but I have been low-key obsessed with Alice in Wonderland for many years. I am not precisely sure why. When I was little, it was my fiercest wish to have long, blonde hair; paired with my fondness for Alice’s sartorial choices (that blue dress is on point, is all I’m saying) and admiration for her undefatigable curiosity, perhaps that explains the obsession. Perhaps not. That is actually neither here nor there; the point is that I was instantly sold on this dress because the brand label said Allison Wonderland.

To be fair, the dress itsef is aces.

blazer, J. Crew Factory; bag, YSL
blazer, J. Crew Factory; bag, YSL
I blazered up for work (as you can see), but I’m going to post a bazillion blazer-less photos because this dress is worth admiring. It fits like a dream, which is actually a fairly tall order when you consider its silhouette; scratch that. It doesn’t just fit like a dream, it flatters like a dream too. I assure you, I’m not wasp-waisted. This dress makes it look like I am, while at the same time being insanely comfortable to wear. It’s practically magic!

i call it ... the optical illusion dress
i call it … the optical illusion dress

looks good from the back too
looks good from the back too
I almost feel guilty telling you that I paid a whopping $8 for this dress … but well, I am anyway. Edmonton peeps, this is what your thrift scene has to offer — get out there and check it out, you won’t regret it. In this case, I got a beautiful, made-in-Canada dress … and I discovered a new designer, Allison Smith (the woman behind Allison Wonderland and sister brand Pillar — thanks, Google!) According to her website, her clothes are made in Vancouver in collaboration with local small businesses, and the (retail) price points are very reasonable for “slow fashion”. Based on how much I love this dress, I plan to keep an eye on her IG for future collections.

every angle is a good angle in this dress
every angle is a good angle in this dress

no, really -- see?
no, really — see?

one more for the road
one more for the road

Pantone dreams

Everyone knows that black goes with everything. And though black is always in style, sometimes everyone needs a change. But branching out, colour-wise, often leads to the age-old question: what goes with that?

I’ve been asking myself that question more and more lately, as I try to moderate my shopping by constantly re-mixing my existing wardrobe. See, I suffer from an insidious disease I will call “outfit fatigue”. Simply put, I get tired of wearing the same things again and again. Likewise, I get a charge out of wearing new things, even something as insignificant as a pair of earrings. Of course, constantly wearing new things is outside the realm of possibility for mere mortals like me. So I make do by mixing things up. This requires some creativity and outside-the-box thinking, and it’s where colour matching know-how comes in handy.

Here are some of the colour combos I have come to really love in the last few months:

1. Grey

I’ve alluded to this before, and I will say it again: I love grey. Grey is probably just as versatile as black, if not more so. Almost any colour can be matched to grey, provided you find the right shade. A couple of combinations really stand out for me, including:

Orange …

… yellow, pink, lavender, and red.

2. Navy

I’ve also started to appreciate the understated virtues of navy recently. Navy matches well with quite a few colours, though my favourites are:

Turquoise …

… jade green, yellow, white, and red.
3. Pink

Sometimes, every girl wants to wear pink. I’ve been scared away from pink in the past by the old myth that redheads can’t wear pink (not true, by the way) but there’s nothing like it when you’re feeling a little “blah”. Picture Marilyn Monroe singing “Diamond Are a Girl’s Best Friend” in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – did she seem depressed to you? My favourite matches for pink are:

Brown …

… navy, green (yes, in small doses) … and, of course, red:

Which brings me to my final point: a girl always needs a pair of hot red heels. They go with everything.