What I Wore: Monday Morning

blue collar red lipstick, what i woreblue collar red lipstick, what i wore
T-shirt, Old Navy; cardigan, J. Crew Factory; jeans, Cleo (via consignment); scarf, Aldo Outlet

Really, this could be any Monday morning. And they say there isn’t truth in fashion blogging. Well, if you can call this a fashion blog. But here it is, folks: what an average stay-at-home-mom wears on an average day. An average day when I go out, that is. You don’t want to see what I wear when I stay home all day. Really, you don’t.

My favourite part of this outfit is the scarf, hands down. I hunted for a scarf like this (large waffle knit, not scratchy, infinity style, under $15) for what seemed like months, but more likely was a week or two. It was frustrating, I tell you! I finally found one that matched 90% of my specifications, minus the colour. I wanted black and found this burgundy colour … which turned out to be surprisingly versatile. The universe provides what you didn’t even know you wanted!

8 Comments on The Glamorous Life

  1. Every time I see you wearing some Old Navy pieces, I make a mental note “I have to go there” and I still haven’t been.
    I think that I would love that store.

    • Well, I hadn’t shopped there in ages, then had a binge around the new year. Their clearance rack prices are amazing. I don’t know how these pieces will hold up, but they’ve been in heavy rotation already so I’m guaranteed to get my money’s worth.

      Tl;dr Yeah, you should check it out 😉