What I Wore: Out of the House (Indeed)

Pants, Anthropologie; sweater, J. Crew; shirt & necklace, Old Navy
Pants, Anthropologie; sweater, J. Crew; shirt & necklace, Old Navy

The title says it all, eh? In my defence (because I kinda love them), my husband convinced me to buy these pants, and in fact paid for them. True story. They’re pretty polarizing pants; you either love them or hate them (and feel free to tell me so on Instagram). Because they are so borderline-wrong, I make it a point to wear them far more often than is probably warranted. Generally speaking, I think my intentions are better than the results but that’s ok – these pants are my sartorial rebellion, if you will.

Strangely enough, I think the weak link of this particular outfit is not grandma’s old couch but the necklace. It’s what they call de trop. I should have followed the old adage, and taken (that) one thing off before leaving the house.

10 Comments on Grandma’s Old Couch

  1. Is it bad that I immediately knew those pants came from Anthropologie?

    I actually could see them working well in various outfits… I definitely think the way you have them styled here works. Sort of putting personality into a more J Crew look, which I love.

    • Hahaha!! Of course they’re Anthro pants – where else could you get these 😉

      I think the pants are more “edgy” than my usual style (guilty of J. Crew-itis, for sure!) but I like to pretend that I’m cooler than I really am every now and then …

    • I’m embarrassed to say … I don’t know. I bought it at an antique market almost a decade ago. It’s an Underwood. Although I love old typewriters, I don’t have a collector’s knowledge of them …

  2. Yeahh.. they’re not for me. For some reason, florals unless they are abstract, bold and wild, are not my thing. I just can’t imagine wearing them in any shape or form, no matter how hard I try (I tried with a button up blouse once)

    • I’m on the other side of the fence; I’m a sucker for anything floral. But these pants were a step out there for me too. They’re like … my Man Repeller pants. Though, as I said, they are actually husband -approved 😉

  3. I “somehow” knew that your husband was “somehow” linked to these pants. Once upon a time, he might have even been close to wearing something of the sort. 😉
    I can wear floral only in tops, usually, accompanied with one very solid color over it (a jacket, a cardigan, or a shirt).